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Rumor: Broncos may play Panthers in Week 12

The Denver Broncos may play the Carolina Panthers on the road in Week 12.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Latest rumors have this game in Week 12. Not in Week 7.

It is NFL Schedule release week and I’ll be covering any potential Denver Broncos schedule rumors every single day and publishing them directly into our Broncos schedule release tracker. These reports will not be going on the front page unless confirmed, so keep that link handy if you enjoy keeping up to date on these types of rumors.

The first real unconfirmed rumor came from Mike Klis of 9News during the London game announcement last week.

Sources have told 9NEWS that its possible the Broncos would play at Carolina the week before, stay in Carolina for another day or two, and then fly from there to London. The Broncos would then have their bye week after their long trip to London. Again, team officials would not confirm this piece of their schedule.

If true, that would have the Broncos on the east coast for a Week 7 road game against the Carolina Panthers. They would then just fly directly from North Carolina to England in Week 8 to play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Fortunately, they would get a Bye Week from there after what would be a very long road trip.