Mindless over reaction to the draft

Well now we get to argue for better part of a few months regarding how good or bad this draft was for the Broncos. We all know we really won't know until a few years down the road, but here are my quick thoughts.

1st - We got a future HOF QB in the prime of his career, I don't think this can be overstated. What Wilson brings to the Broncos is stability and ability to compete for a SB now. It's interesting that the one QB in this draft that I thought could potentially become an answer didn't get taken until the 3rd round. That goes to show the point this QB class this year was a lot of potential but also a lot of flaws.

1st Pick - Nik Bonitto Edge - Absolutely love this pick and thought it was absolutely solid pick. I get the concerns over his size, but I really think he is going to be playing a lot of snaps much sooner than later and is going to have an impact on the defense immediately. Some people see him as a rush specialist, I don't, I think he can be an every down player and with the emphasis of having guys who can play in space, he more than fits the bill for new NFL defenders.

2nd Pick - Greg Dulcich TE - I was not as excited about this pick, mainly because I had thought Denver would either go OT, CB, DL, or LB here, and figured they would look at TE later. So I had not really looked at too many of the TEs expected to go earlier. The more I dig into this pick, the more I like it. With losing Fant the depth at TE was going to be a concern, I do think Dulcich has ability to help contribute this season and ability to grow into a solid TE in this league. While I likely would of went a different direction with eaither Marcus Jones or DeMarvin Leal, I do understand Paton taking him here.

3rd pick - Demarri Mathis CB - Once we passed on a CB with the 2nd pick and traded our other 3rd rounder, I figured we would likely take a CB in the 4th Round. Mathis I had thought was a decent CB but has some issues with taking too many penalties. I was kind of surprised that they didn't take someone like Tariq Woolen or Zyon McCollum here as I think both have greater upside than Mathis. I do think they see Mathis as having ability to play inside and out so maybe that is why they took him here over Woolen or McCollum who are more boundary corners.

4th Pick - Eyioma Uwazurike DL - Granted I had not done much research on him so I did a little this weekend. With Winfrey off the board, I think Uwazurike likely had the best combo of size, speed and length of any of the remaining DT prospects. I think he can be an effective player but will likely take a season or two as he starts to get a better handle on technique and finds his footing. Unfortunately, I think this draft was a little lack luster as far as interior lineman and normally he likely would of been a 6th to 7th rounder but got pushed up due to lack of depth in this class.

5th pick - Delarrin Turner-Yell S - I figured we would go for a safety somewhere in this draft, while I think he's a decent prospect. If you are looking for ST help, I think they would of been better off going with someone like Tycen Anderson, or Tariq Carpenter. I think they maybe went this way due to Yell having a bit more on the ball skills.

6th Pick - Montrell Washington PR - This one obviously surprised a bunch of people, myself included, especially considering Jerrion Ealy and Britain Covey both went undrafted and were considered better return specialists.

7th pick - Luke Wattenburg C/G - I know some are questioning this pick, especially considering many had Wattenburg shown as an UDFA, I actually think this was pretty solid scheme pick here, Personally I think I would of gone with Lecitus Smith, but I could see if they see more versatility in Wattenburg.

8th pick - Matt Henningsen DL - Thought this was very good value at this point. He's likely never going to be much more of a rotational type player but he should be able to provide some pass rushing pressure from the interior.

9th pick - Faion Hicks CB - I get at this point you are taking stabs at players that likely aren't making the roster, so I am inclined to give some space here, but we passed on some players who I think likely have greater potential upside in Chase Lucas, Thayer Munford, Kalon Barnes, Rasheed Walker, and Marquis Hayes (and granted I know those are all not CBs) but I think yor 7th round picks should be BPA and have a hard time seeing Hicks having more potential upside that those mentioned.

Overall I was somewhat surprised we didn't add an off ball LB or look at a RT in the draft. I think some of that is more due to how the board fell than anything.

My favorite pick - Bonitto

Least favorite pick - Turner-Yell (mainly cause at that point I think there were better options at a safety/ST ace or just players you could develop with passing on Woolen, Matt Waletzko, McCollum, Tyreke Smith, D'Marco Jackson, Tycen Anderson, Braxton Jones, Damone Clark, Dominique Robinson, and Kingsley Enagbare in that round.

Biggest Gamble - Montrell Washington

Safest Pick - Greg Dulcich

Best Value - Eyioma Uwazurike - In that I think he has chance to develop into a solid starter with his tool set.

Overall, I don't like to grade a draft, just note my impressions. anytime you make a major trade for a QB like we did, that always has to temper your expectations with the draft. I know the Rams really didn't care they had no early picks this year as they looked at their SB trophy, hopefully next year we can be in the same boat laughing about some team taking a 3rd round G in the 1st round.

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