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Broncos’ first day of OTAs put emphasis on red zone work

Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett is all about the ‘tugalicious’ plays in the red zone.

NFL: Denver Broncos OTA Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos began their first day of OTA’s on Monday. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett put a bigger emphasis on red zone work for the team right out of the gates.

“We had the veteran minicamp, so we stayed more on the field with some third down stuff. Because it’s the first day of OTA’s, we wanted to save their legs but practice a very important situation,” Hackett explained. “I thought the guys did a really good job. It was our first time going live—not live, but against each other—in the redzone. I thought they all did a really good job. We had a couple of touchdowns [and] the defense had a couple of really great plays. There was one down here that [P.J.] Locke made that was great. It was fun to see them compete.”

The team made sure to highlight one of those touchdowns. Russell Wilson with a perfectly accurate toss to Courtland Sutton to the sidelines.

Hackett went on to note that rookie tight end Greg Dulcich had himself a ‘tugalicious’ as well.

“Good,” Hackett said of the rookie performances in OTAs. “I think they’ve picked it up pretty quick. We saw [TE Greg] Dulcich have a ‘Tugalicious’ (touchdown) down there, which was great. I think for them, it’s baby steps. There’s so much. It’s practice, but they have a long way to go—all of them.”

Given that last bit, be patient and don’t go drafting Dulcich in the first round of your fantasy drafts in August. It may be a bit before he’s game ready in the NFL.

A few key veterans were missing from the first day of voluntary workouts, but it is important to note that it is voluntary at this point.

“This is all voluntary, Hackett said. “It’s one of those things and the great thing is that a lot of those guys communicated and talk with me. That’s all I can ask. Whoever is out here, we’re going to coach them and have some fun. Those guys reached out to me, and it is voluntary.”

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