a game by game look at the 22 broncos

w 1 @ sea on paper this should be a easy win but @ seattle and most likely the only game where seattle will be a factor this season means denver will be in a dogfight tossup lean win DEN 52%

w 2 HOU Unless qb d Millis has a career day and hou gets a pick six i like us in this game W Den 87%

W 3 SF if Lance starts denver wins if jimmy does tossup 50%

W 4 @ Vegas McD will try to show us up if denver holds vegas under 24 win if not they win 53% vegas

W 5 Indy thur night this game will come down to can we stop taylor if we do we win if not they win 55 DEN

W 6 @LAC Mon night most likely we will be 3-2 going into to mon night this team is really good only inj and coaching can hold them down 51 LAC %

W 7 NYJ see week 2 90% DEN

W 8 @ JAX London if we can match their intence early i like their chances 60% DEN

W 10 @ TENN only thing that worryies me about Tenn is their phycal play 55% DEN

w 11 Vegas to beat them u must outscore them 56% DEN

w 12 @ car a win is likely here 88% DEN

w 13 @ balt anything less than 8-4 is this point means no playoffs 65 % BALT

W 14 KC this is the game to beat them in 52% DEN

w 15 zona they have a hard time in denver 75% DEN

w 16 @rams i think denver will be 9-6 or 10-5 going into this game 53% RAMS

w 17 @ KC this couild be a playoff type game week 14 too 60% KC

w 18 LAC hopefully LAC has their fate known by kickoff 52%DEN

best case 12-5 2 seed lose to buffalo in the AFC Champ

mid case 10-7 6 seed lose to ciny in round 1

worse case 8-9 no playoffs

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