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Javonte Williams: This is the ‘most complex offense’ he’s ever been in

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Some early questions about the type of offense Nathaniel Hackett intends to bring to the Denver Broncos are beginning to be answered. Running back Javonte Williams was asked specifically how this offensive scheme compared to the previous offenses he has been in.

“Every meeting that we have, we talk about confusion,” Williams said. “We want everything to look the same so that way the defense doesn’t know when a different play is coming. I feel like this is the most complex offense that I have been in, but I feel like it will be the best because you never know what’s coming at you.”

Disguise and unpredictability is absolutely key in the modern NFL. Most MHR readers will recognize that as fact merely by mentioning how many times Pat Shurmur would line up the offense and we could predict what was going to be run. If we - mere fans - could predict the play, imagine what opposing NFL defensive coordinators were seeing.

That comment alone from Williams tells me we’re going to have fun watching this offense even if they struggle to gel early on.

With Russell Wilson under center, the offense has an actual field general who can command the team from play call to the whistle. Williams, as a young guy still learning the NFL, is already appreciating that type of leadership Wilson is bringing to the huddle.

“Just him being like a coach on the field,” Williams said of having Wilson on the field. “There are no questions that I’ve asked ‘Russ’ that he doesn’t know the answers to. If I forget a play or something, I’ll be like, ‘Hey Russ, what do I have [to do],’ and he’ll tell me really quick. Just someone like that who can correct you when you have a mistake or anything like that is always good.”

If anything, the last six seasons have proven that the real difference between a talented arm and a franchise quarterback is what goes on mentally. Training camp is going to be fun!

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