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Broncos roster review: Long snapper Jacob Bobenmoyer

Lots of love for the veteran long snapper.

NFL: OCT 18 Broncos at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As one to never break Mile High Report tradition, I have once again been entrusted to do the roster review of one of the most important positions on the roster, long snapper. I did such a magnificent job last year that the powers that be have asked me do it again. Sure, Russell Wilson, Randy Gregory, or any of the Broncos established receiving corps may appear to be sexier previews to write, but it’s the true die-hard fans that will appreciate this in-depth look at the Broncos second-year player.


A product of Broncos Country, Bobenmoyer graduated from Cheyenne East High School in Wyoming where he played linebacker and tight end. As a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado, he won the starting long snapper job and held onto it for the duration of his run, also playing linebacker. In 2019, he competed in Broncos rookie mini-camp, but ultimately was released in favor of Broncos long-time snapper, Casey Kreiter. In March of 2020, the Broncos re-signed Bobenmoyer and jettisoned Kreiter. During 2020, Jacob played in all 16 games and amassed 2 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, and 1 fumble recovery.

In 2021, Bobenmoyer was again a bastion of reliability, appearing in all 17 games netting 2 solo tackles and 2 assisted tackles.

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 235 lbs
Age: 25 years old
Experience: 2

The Good

Last year, I outlined his stellar play from 2020:

In the 2nd quarter of the Buffalo Bills game at Mile High in 2020, Jacob Bobenmoyer threw himself on top of a 43-yard muffed punt muffed by Bills returner Andre Roberts. At the time, the Broncos were only down 14-0 and it was the kind of special teams play that could turn things around. While the Broncos did convert the turnover into the first points of the game, Bobenmoyer could not do it all and Denver ended up getting creamed 48-19. Jacob also notched his assisted tackle in this game in the 3rd quarter.

Unfortunately, with no fumble recoveries in 2021, this play still remains his best highlight. His tackles last year were likely amazing, I’m sure.

So here’s the thing about long snappers. Nobody notices them (except me) unless they screw up. Bobenmoyer was about as anonymous as a long snapper could get in 2020 [and 2021] and that’s a good thing. Outside of his helping the team in one of nearly a dozen awful losses [in the 2020] season, there isn’t much to say about him. WHICH IS TERRIFIC!

The Bad

As with last year, I have nothing bad to say about Bobenmoyer. He kind of looks like John Lynch (at least in the picture above), which I don’t think is a negative. Maybe it’s because his jersey number is one off of Lynch’s. Regardless...

I’m sure that Jacob has some annoying personality traits that we don’t know about. Maybe he chews with his mouth open, cleans his ears out with linen napkins at fancy restaurants, or passes gas in crowded spaces only to blame others. I don’t know. There isn’t much to say on the bad side of this roster review because he did his job so well [these] last [few] season[s]. Can’t remember him? Exactly.

Roster Status with the Broncos

Jacob Bobenmoyer is again the only long snapper on the roster at this point in the off season. So, barring catastrophe or injury, Bobenmoyer looks as though he will be the Denver Broncos long snapper in 2022. He’s that good that competition isn’t even necessary. Go get ‘em, Jacob!