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Broncos roster review: Fullback / Tight End Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck is the only fullback on the Broncos roster. Without knowing how much the Broncos will utilize the FB position, his spot on the team may be shaky at best.

NFL: OCT 10 Broncos at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Broncos are one of the few NFL teams that still flirts with the idea of a fullback in today’s age. Beck is a guy that also is able to flex out and play tight end as well.

#83 Andrew Beck
Position: FB / TE
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 255
Age: 26
Experience: 4th year
College: Texas

Beck was signed by the New England Patriots as an undrafted college free agent in 2019. When he was waived at the start of the season, the Broncos picked him up off waivers to replace injured Andy Janovich.

In the 2019 season Beck was suited up for 16 games, got a smattering of plays that didn’t really amount to much, but has since stuck around making the Broncos roster for three straight years.

How he fits with the Broncos

Beck is a versatile player who brings physicality to the team. Should Hackett want to bring back a smattering of 21 personnel along with his outside zone scheme, Beck is going be setting the tone for the running game up front.

I’ve always wondered about a guy like Beck making a splash with the ball in his hands, but to date that just hasn’t been in the cards. After 2019, coaches have consistently wanted other tight ends or backs to carry the rock.

Final Word

Beck making the team is honestly going to be more about what Nathaniel Hackett wants to do from a personnel standpoint than it is going to be about what Beck does in training camp. While there’s always hope that Beck can make an impact as a tight end, I don’t see that really happening given the moves that the Broncos have made drafting Dulcich.