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Majority of fans predict second place in AFC West for Broncos this season

The Denver Broncos will be back in contention according to our latest SB Nation survey of fans.

Last week, we ran a poll through SB Nation Reacts (presented by DraftKings Sportsbook) asking for some predictions from Denver Broncos fans.

The first was to gauge where Broncos Country stood in terms of win-expectations for the season. As someone who covers the team every day, it helps to know if I’m out of my mind from the consensus (as I have been a time or two). However, I nailed it here with my expectation. I voted along with the 66% of the rest of Broncos fans here.

A lot of that had to do with the Broncos 2022 schedule. They have a chance to start off hot and where they land after the season ends depends a lot on how their first 11 games go. The reason being is their final six games are basically a playoff game every week against playoff-level football teams.

The next question was more geared towards the AFC West placement. There is no doubt that this year’s AFC West is among the NFL’s toughest divisions in its entire history. The “arms race” all four teams pursued all offseason was one for the ages and often dominated NFL headlines.

Being ever the optimist when Denver has a franchise quarterback on the roster, I broke from the ranks and voted for Denver’s first AFC West title since their historic 2015 Super Bowl run. I couldn’t help myself there. I just dislike those other three options way too much.

What do you think of these poll results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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