chubb or dre'mont jones for 23

i was looking at over the cap for the broncos in 2023 and right now we only have 6mil in space for next season and 56 guys signed now their 222 mil will likely jump up at least 5 mil but my 02 cents is fran chubb and trade him for a 1st round pick in 23 and re-doing bolies sutton deals so then we free up room to re-sign DE Dremont jones as credit to patton as next year we will only need a RB to replace gorden and we can do that in the draft

also we can cut glaslow after next season and save 8 mil

as after 2023 we are fine and can spend a little 117 mil in room projedect but wilson will take 40-45 mil of that

as i guess wilson will sign a 6-year 270 mil deal after 23

go broncos go broncos go broncos

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