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Broncos roster review: Graham Glasgow

The former third round draft pick just agreed to a new deal with the Broncos organization.

NFL: Player Headshots 2021 Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Graham Glasgow (Guard, #61) didn’t start out a Bronco. The former Michigan Wolverine was drafted to the Detroit Lions in the 3rd round — 95th overall — of the 2016 NFL Draft, and played with them for three seasons before signing a four-year contract with Denver.

Since 2020, his stats have arguably gotten worse, not better; but we also have an injury to consider, at least for last year. At any rate, let’s take a quick glance at the Illinois native.


Height: 6’6”
Weight: 310lbs
Hands: 10 & 34
Arm Length: 33 & 5/8

Guard Stats

2016 — 15 games (11 started)
Pressures Allowed: 28
Sacks Allowed: 3

2017 — 16 games
Pressures Allowed: 28
Sacks Allowed: 3

2018 — 16 games
Pressures Allowed: 15
Sacks Allowed: 1

2019 — 15 games
Pressures Allowed: 25
Sacks Allowed: 0

2020 — 13 games
Pressures Allowed: 15
Sacks Allowed: 1

2021 — 7 games
Pressures Allowed: 13
Sacks Allowed: 2

The good

Glasgow’s history prior to his 2021 injury was one of reliability, versatility, and consistency in game performance. From the end of his rookie year through 2019 he was allowing fewer sacks every year, and he only allowed one in 2020. He’s also started all but four games that he’s played in, and those four were in his first year.

NOTE: #61 has always been a particular asset in pass protection, more so than he is with run blocking.

Also, his hometown is only a few hours from my dad’s, so he gets brownie points.

The bad

We’re not sure what Glasgow has ahead of him as far as performance. He was out this past November with a ligament injury that ended his season, which isn’t a great outlook for a player who turns 30 in August.

You may also notice that he allowed two sacks and thirteen pressures in 2021, despite only playing in seven games that season.

He’s remaining a Bronco this year, after agreeing to take $5.3 million pay cut (NBC Sports) in order to make room in the salary cap.

Final thoughts

Clearly, GM George Paton wanted Glasgow back in Denver, otherwise he wouldn’t have signed him again. And if the guard is committed to performing at a high level, I think it’s possible he could be a contributor.

But he isn’t the only one in the discussion for a starting position. Quinn Meinerz is a rising star among the Broncos’ guards, and competition between them and others is expected as we head into training camp.