Real Tiger or Paper Tiger

So I just read this article and it got me thinking how much I view KC differently than Adam Rank so I thought I’d make a "paper tiger or Tiger tiger" list. Feel free to chime in.

Paper Tiger:

KC: Look, with Mahomes an off year for KC is gonna be 10 wins. With that said they could go 12+ wins as well so my judgement is about 55%/45% in favor of being a Paper Tiger. I just think the league, and ESPECIALLY the AFC West has caught up with them and they’re gonna cave. Factor in Hill being gone and D’s keying on Kelce and a bunch of new WR’s and they’re just set up for a bad year ( by their standards) and I can easily see them 4th in the West with 10 wins.

Dal: Every year there’s hype about Dallas and every year it’s garbage. It’s garbage this year too. Elliot is done and has a bloated contract, which Dallas is either unaware he’s a shell of his former self or they just has ear muffs on. Because Pollard scares no one, Amari is gone, Dak better have an MVP year or they’re gonna be meh. They’re an NFC team so they’ll maybe make the playoffs but really, who cares.

Tiger Tiger:

The entire AFC West. Although I think KC has an off year they’re still a solid team and I could see being wrong. Den, LV, SD could all go to the SB. I genuinely believe we could see ALL four teams go 12+ wins.

Bills: Don’t get me started. Bills have a 3 year window where they’re going to dominate. They very clearly are #1 by a wide margin.

Paper Tiger:

Green Bay: Same as KC, Rodgers will always make them a contender and they’re in the NFC, but there’s literally no one else that’s gonna scare people. Their window is shut and with Rodgers at $50M a year it’s upper mediocrity for them for the next three years. Rodgers made his bed ( with tons of cash) and now he’s gonna have to lie in it. The loss of Adam’s is gonna be huge.

Miami: That Hill trade will go down as one of the worst ever because Tua just isn’t ready for what’s now expected. Coupled with having to be compared to Mahomes with Hill I think Tua cracks, the locker room fractures and we watch the Browns 3.0 play out in Miami in 2022.

Tiger Tiger: The Devante Adam’s trade. It’s not a team but I felt like after the Hill comment I had to toss this in. Unlike Tua, Derek Carr is gonna have an MVP year because of Adam’s. Look, WR’s don’t make QB’s (Tua/Hill) QB’s make WR’s. Rodgers, Brady, Ryan , Mahomes will make their receiving corp better because their just that elite. Carr is underrated, Adams is a stud, there won’t be a drop off the same was as Hill and Tua. That trade will be regarded as one of, if not the best trade for WR in years.

Who F***ing knows:

Bengals. No clue man. I could go 9-8 or 14-3 depending on how much I’ve had to drink.

Paper Tiger:

Ravens: They’re toast, league has caught up to them and Jackson, while supremely talented, isn’t enough of a passer to overcome his deficiencies and the fact that D’s really know how to play them/him.

Titans: If Henry rushes for 2100 yards I’ll eat the sh*T sandwich here maybe, but even then I think we’ll see hype and no follow through. I see them as a toothless team.

Tiger Tiger:

Bucs. Unless we see Payton version 2015 Brady is gonna carve through everyone in the league with hardly an effort and the only team I’d favor against them is maybe the Bills. That said, I think we see Brady have one of his most dominant years of all time. And God help us all if that’s true because…..well….we all know.

Brady, like a bunch of athletes, carries a chip on his shoulder to motivate himself. Don’t think for a millisecond that losing the MVP to Rodgers last year isn’t burning a hole through that dude on the daily. Teams better pray that there’s not only a steep physical decline but an actual 12th man on D allowed to play against him otherwise I’d watch out.

Feel free to talk some smack, insult my mother or call the entirety of my existence into question if you reply. Fair F*cks.

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