Wilson and Broncos Sales Price

Quick post on Broncos sales price and acquisition of Russell Wilson. The Broncos sales price started at around the $3M range, and ended up at about the $4.5B price tag. So, only big item that I see changing in this window was the acquisition of Wilson. So, the question is 'Did Russell Wilson cause the sales price of the Broncos go up by around $1.5B dollars'?

I freely admit sales dollars and cap dollars are not the same, but its an interesting question. If yes, then the new ownership may push hard for the team to lock-up Wilson and within reason be willing to 'overpay' for his services.

Kick it around in the comments with two key questions:

  1. Did Wilson add about $1.5B to the Sales Price?
  2. If you were the owners, would you overpay for Wilson because he is a big/significant part of the overall team valuation? This is assuming he was a major part of the increase in price.

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