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How many touchdown passes do you think Russell Wilson throws in 2022?

Go big or go home. That’s how this Broncos fan is feeling heading into Russell Wilson’s first season in the orange and blue.

Happy Friday Broncos Country!

We’re literally almost done with the offseason. As a one-sport person, I find the period between the NFL Draft and training camp to be the hardest of times. I’m very happy its almost over.

To close out the final week of nothingness, we ran a SB Nation Reacts poll this week to see where Denver Broncos fans were on expectations of Russell Wilson. The new franchise quarterback in Denver is coming off a so-so season in 2021 having dealt with an injury on his throwing hand for nearly half the season.

Before that, however, Wilson tossed 34, 35, 31, and 40 touchdown passes each season starting in 2017. He topped 4,000 yards in two of those seasons and 3,983 in one other. He’s not as bad as the Seattle Seahawks tried to make him out to be after they traded him. He certainly wasn’t the problem with that offense.

So that brings us to 2022. How many touchdowns will Russell Wilson throw this season? I personally voted 40+, because why the hell not. However, I think it’ll likely be in the 30-40 range, so the top two vote getters in this poll make sense. I suspect the 25-30 people have bought in on the Seahawks propaganda on Wilson and will be pleasantly surprised when he surpasses that range with several games to go.

Where you do think Wilson will land on touchdown passes this season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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