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Coach Hackett loving the way Jerry Jeudy has attacked training camp

Jerry Jeudy appears to be a man on a mission to start Denver Broncos training camp. That’s exactly what we hope to see from the former first-round pick.

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only been two practices, but there is already some promising reports coming out of Denver Broncos training camp. The level of focus from the younger players has been something of note early on and one player in particular is impressing head coach Nathaniel Hackett.

That would be former first-round pick, Jerry Jeudy. According to Coach Hackett, Jeudy has be laser focused and attacking training camp with intent.

“I love the way he has attacked this training camp up to this point,” Hackett said on Thursday. “I know it is early and it’s a long ways away, but he’s been really great. Just seeing him around more, working harder throughout everything he has been doing. He is just a very focused person. He asks great questions at coaches meetings—he calls me out a couple of times, which is awesome. I love that, and that’s just going to show that he’s going to grow more and more. He’s definitely capable of doing a lot of different things.”

Jeudy is entering his third season and while he has shown an innate ability to get open, previous quarterbacks just weren’t seeing the field or seeing him being open. And, frankly, last year when those quarterbacks were finding him open he had issues with hauling in the reception.

With Russell Wilson, Jeudy seems to see an opportunity to breakout in 2022 and isn’t wasting any time on the practice field to prepare for that.

Praising Jeudy’s work ethic early on in camp wasn’t the only wide receiver Hackett mentioned. For the second straight practice, rookie wide receiver Montrell Washington also continued to impress.

“Another really hard worker,” Hackett said. “This guy is grinding non-stop and I’m grateful for that. All rookies for me—everyone gets so excited for the rookies, but when you get out there in an NFL stadium and that speed—it’s different. It really is, but up to this point, we’re only into two days right now, but up to this point, he’s doing everything that we’re asking, and I appreciate that.”

As Hackett said, it’s only been two days, but two days is all we got right now. So far, I am very encouraged by the attitude and intensity the younger players on this roster are showing here this year. I am sure the new quarterback and new coaching staff has helped reinvigorate this roster. I can’t help but be excited about where this leads this season.