Resign Chubb... Ala Garrett Bolles... If he will sign for a discount...

His agent would sternly disapprove, but if Chubb likes Denver and implores his representative to strike a fair starter level / non top 20ish guaranteed money 3 or 4 year deal with incentives; we should move quickly to make it happen.

I know he has an injury filled past, but they aren't chronic, long term deteriorating, or debilitating to the best of my knowledge. (fingers crossed on the knee getting to 100%)

The say people who are thankful, wishful, or ambivalent about Paton signing Randy Gregory, are largely the same group deriding a Chubb extension. Randy Gregory is a much bigger injury risk signing than Chubb would be. You can't have too many good pass rushers or cornerbacks. They go hand in hand like QB's and WR's...

I wanted Callahan back at a discount, because he was a game changing player while healthy and available. Gregory and Chubb both fit that same narrative. Injuries happen. Some players are injury prone, but that's mitigated somewhat if you have good depth.

The players added to the O line seem to reflect my thoughts. Add some average starter level guys who don't break the bank but have a solid amount of starts and sustainable level of consistency. Easier said than done, but you start with the devil you know. Don't let good talent walk in free agency hoping to land a 3rd round comp pick. Yes, we have done well with our new GM drafting, but hoping to land starter level talent at edge in the late 3rd round isn't a good strategy.

Now if Chubb wants Pro bowl level money, asta' la' vista... Getting above average potential and or productivity at home town discounted prices IS a strategy for success.

The #'s have to balance out, but locking up Chubb for his prime age seasons with a high guarantee but low base long term deal, or low guarantee but high incentive laden contact would be prudent.

I know Jerry Jones and the Cowboys wish they would have inked Gregory mid-season in hindsight, and probably could have gotten him cheaper than they were willing to pay this off-season.

Don't let Chubb and his contract become our version of what unfolded with Gregory and Dallas. Same for Malik Reed. Dangle incentives and or long term financial guarantee for his prime age years. D.J. Jones was a 6th round steal... 49er's should've offered to tear up his deal after year 2 and give him a large sum, relative to 6th round money, to sign a long term extension. Malik Reed is in that zone right now. Same for Jonas Griffith. Offer him 5 years right now for below mid range starter money. Shaq Barrett would've probably jumped at a few million if we offered it before he finished his 3rd season.

At least try...

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