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How ‘bout them Cowboys? How ‘bout them Bills and Von Miller.

Jess Place and Mike DeCicco break down the upcoming Denver Broncos game with Von Miller and the Buffalo Bills on the latest Something Something Broncos podcast.

Mike DeCicco and Jess Place on the Something Something Broncos podcast break down the Dallas Cowboys game and look ahead to the Denver Broncos game against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday. Who impressed? Who needs to flash? What’s it like for Von Miller to be on the same team as Case Keenum again? Those are the topics discussed in this week’s episode.

In a related story today, we’ve been debating the stance head coach Nathaniel Hackett has towards preseason games. In one post, Sadaraine shared why he thinks that stance ‘kinda sucks.’ While in another, Scotty Payne gives strong support to the new age way of thinking in a league that has evolved greatly in the last couple of decades. All that means is we likely won’t see much from the starters again this week, but will we see Von Miller out there?

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