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Orlovsky: Scheme plus talent is why Broncos win AFC West

He predicted Denver to take the division, and he’s sticking with it.

Denver Broncos Camp Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky was asked on the Pat McAfee Show Thursday which team would win the AFC West as it looks like “any of them could.”

The former quarterback said what all of Broncos Country wants to hear:

“I agree that any of them can. The team I have said can win it - and I still feel that way - is Denver,” Orlovsky said.

McAfee interrupted in the question to ask if the reason is Russell Wilson, who seems to “be the best version of himself” right now.

Obviously Wilson is a huge reason for Orlovsky’s confidence in his earlier prediction - which is due in part to the situation Wilson is finding himself - but it’s as much about Wilson’s situation as his own talent.

“I don’t think Russ has ever had this situation offensively that he has in Denver, with elite scheme and play calling ... matched with really high-end talent,” Orlovsky said. “I don’t think Russ has ever had those two together.”

And although other AFC West teams have elite QBs, good play callers and great talent, Orlovsky believes the Broncos are the one team with it all.

“I think they’re the one offense that can do whatever is necessary to win,” he added, noting that if a defense wants to force it to run the ball 40 times and take away the deep ball, the Broncos are “the one team willing and schematically capable of doing that.”

Even better words for Broncos Country may be Orlovsky’s follow up to that comment:

“I don’t think the Chargers have proven they are; I know the Chiefs haven’t, and the Raiders haven’t,” he said.


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