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Tailgating in Broncos Country is all about the essentials

Now is the time to test out that seven-layer dip recipe, plan your beverages and try those game-day face paint designs.

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

We have all seen it. The huge motorhomes painted orange with streamers and flags hanging off every inch of it. Pop up tents, custom cornhole games, and multiple flat screens broadcasting the pregame. Superfan Rescue Rob has an amazing antique firetruck he brings to games.

It can be pretty intimidating.

Truth be told, you don’t really need all that to tailgate for the Denver Broncos. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to have that stuff, but you don’t need to feel less-than if you just aren’t able to pull off the branded Broncos barbecue trailer with integrated beer taps. You want to be a tailgater? Here are the minimum requirements to consider yourself one.


It all begins when you roll out of bed on gameday when you excitedly reach for that special Broncos t-shirt, hat, those Broncos jammie pants (my personal favorite), leprechaun costume, or barrel. To properly tailgate for the Broncos, you’ve got to rep the Broncos. While the NFL will tell you that officially licensed $800 jerseys are required, really all you need is an orange sweatshirt. If you’re feeling inspired, feel free to freehand a “Go Broncos” in magic marker on it if you want. If it’s meaningful to you, it counts. Tailgating!


Tailgating is a time-intensive endeavor. You’re going to get thirsty. You can’t go wrong with two things: plenty of water and a cooler of delicious beverages. Pace yourself. You don’t want to be that fan who goes all-in during pregame only to miss the game itself. Mix some water in with the seltzer or beer to make sure you make the game. While not necessary, it is recommended that you have a restroom plan in place so you don’t spend your time looking for that port-o-potty line instead of tailgating.


Truth be told, so long as there is some food, you’re all set. Whether you’re grilling up a barbecue feast or warming up a crockpot of yesterday’s meatballs, you’re tailgating! Remember, you’ve got a game later and the last thing you want to do is miss something because you were at the concession stand or rummaging around in your fridge for that last cheese stick you swear is in there. Heck, even a bag of chips counts. As long as there is something to nibble on, you’re good to go.


Whether you’re at home or at the stadium, it’s not tailgating unless you’re talking about the Broncos with your friends. They don’t necessarily need to be Broncos fans themselves, but it certainly can’t hurt. At the stadium, this is easy. Broncos fans are by nature, friendly ... and like free food and drinks. They will find you. Thankfully, Broncos Country is hospitable and always willing to share a wing or three with like-minded fans. But, what if you’re at home watching alone? Those pre-game calls with friends and family to talk Broncos football? They count! Sure, the high-fives and chest-bumps aren’t as meaningful and cornhole just doesn’t work on Facetime, but it’s better than nothing. You’re tailgating!

With training camp underway, it’s important to remember that it’s preseason for the Broncos and it’s preseason for the fan. Now is the time to test out that seven-layer dip recipe, try new hard seltzers, and to experiment with those game-day face paint designs you’ve been thinking about all offseason. It doesn’t matter if you’re with 70,000 of your best friends at the stadium or Zooming with your superfan aunt before kickoff, it’s going to be a great season, Broncos Country. It’s time to tailgate!