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Shannon Sharpe is ‘all in’ on the Russell Wilson era

The Denver Broncos got a lot better when they added Russell Wilson and Broncos’ legend Shannon Sharpe is ‘all in’ on that.

In a recent Undisputed episode, Denver Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe debated with Skip Bayless over whether or not Russell Wilson will turn things around in Denver. Sharpe was asked on a scale of 1-10 on how confident he is that Wilson will make the difference and Sharpe immediately said 10.

Bayless then seemed to focus on Wilson’s #61 ranking in the NFL’s Top 100 after ranking #12 in 2020. Sharpe doesn’t care about any of that nonsense. All the player’s need is to belief they can win any game and you’ll see a complete turnaround in this Broncos team in 2022.

As usual, I’ll take Sharpe’s analysis over Bayless’ on just about every topic. But especially when it comes to the Denver Broncos.