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Let’s hope the Broncos properly utilize KJ Hamler

Lets not let it turn into an Isaiah McKenzie 2.0 situation, yeah?

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Broncos fans are probably very aware of Isaiah McKenzie’s stint in Denver. After being drafted by the Broncos in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, McKenzie would end up spending just over a year in orange and blue.

When McKenzie was waived by the Broncos in November 2018, fans at the time probably didn’t really bat an eye over the departure. I certainly didn’t.

McKenzie would end up being claimed by the Buffalo Bills. Ever since then, McKenzie has performed at a level that certainly has left the Broncos, as well as their fans, jealous.

To be frank, the Broncos completely botched the situation with McKenzie. But it also must be noted that the coaching staff at the time (Vance Joseph and company) was absolutely abysmal. The Broncos at the time were certainly not in a good place, and they also didn’t have good enough coaches to help develop the speedy McKenzie.

McKenzie is being used by the Bills as a return man as well as a slot receiver. Luckily for McKenzie, he landed in a great situation with his quarterback being Josh Allen (another example of the Bills properly developing a player.) In Denver, McKenzie had a mix of Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch. I will forever love Siemian, but yeah, I wouldn’t be succeeding with those three as my main ball-throwers either.

The Broncos have another shot at a speedy playmaker in KJ Hamler, and I sincerely hope they use him properly. After being torched by Tyreek Hill for years (good riddance and thank you Miami) I have a hankering for a speedy receiver.

During the preseason in 2021, Hamler was quick to show off his speed and playmaking ability. One of the most memorable plays being a deep ball pass for a touchdown against the Vikings.

Could the Vikings announcers be any less unenthused?

Seeing that type of play gets me insanely excited, especially now that the Broncos have a bonafide quarterback at the helm.

Now you’re probably saying “Rachel, cool your jets” and you’re right. Hamler is coming back from a torn ACL, and he does have an injury history that dates back to college. Also, I am aware the sample size of him in the pros is relatively small. But that small sample size has shown some promise...

If he can stay healthy, and the Broncos use him properly in the game plan, we could have quite the weapon in the offensive arsenal. Plus if the Broncos keep Montrell Washington, we could potentially have TWO burners at wide receiver...

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