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Happy 16th Birthday to Mile High Report!

Here’s to a great community of fans! Happy Sweet 16 to the best Broncos blog on the web.

I looked at the date today and felt like we might be close to a birthday type event for this site. It turns out today is the actual date Mile High Report was founded. On August 24, 2006, John Bena wrote the very first blog post on this site. 16 years ago. Sweet 16!

What I have always felt made MHR special was the community of fans who gathered around post topics and discussed the happenings of the Denver Broncos. I joined the site in 2007 and began posting what were called Diaries back then and are called FanPosts today. I also posted over 30,000 comments in the first three years. In short, I was addicted to the Broncos and the MHR experience.

The site has taken many twists and turns over the years, but at its core I will always want the focus to be on you - the readers and commenters. While I don’t comment as much as I did a decade ago, I tend to post a lot of articles and I try to write an ending to every piece with a call out to the readers to discuss. The reason for this is that I still think its the best place to be to discuss and debate the goings on of the franchise.

Here’s to another 16 years and here’s to one heck of a 2022 season with Russell Wilson!