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“Scooping and scoring” Baron Browning

The second-year OLB’s return touchdown is still playing in our heads.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Baron Browning’s performance in the final preseason game (vs Vikings, 13-23 Broncos) was impossible to ignore and I’m still thinking about it Monday night. I just love the seized opportunity here — he saw it, so he went for it. That’s a player with initiative, and that’s what you need.

Maybe I’m too hopeful to be realistic, but I see a promising season ahead of us and for Browning.

Click here for a full replay of this moment. Courtesy

Browning’s memorable play is a great follow-up for last week’s disappointing loss vs Buffalo, and he is happy that this final game went the way it did.

“We definitely wanted to play better than we did in Buffalo, coming out and responding while stopping the quarterback on third down,” he admitted, “And I definitely think we did that.”

DL McTelvan Agim, who executed the strip sack, feels confident about this comeback too. “It was big, because we were not happy with what happened in Buffalo,” he explained, “They had, like, 32 first downs. It was not the type of defensive effort we wanted to put out there. So to be able to bounce back like this was great.”

Asked about the strip sack that led to this return touchdown, Browning reminded the press that the sack wasn’t his, but was Agim’s. He described the process.

“Well I didn’t get credit for the sack, but it was the first game we used it. We executed it well and with the miscues on the other side, me and McTelvin made the sack and got the ball out.”

“Scooping and scoring, we work on it all the time in practice,” Browning continued, “scooping and scoring, the ball was out there, and I was ready.”

Regarding the turnover opportunity, Browning was thinking in terms of a win for everyone. “Yeah, it was getting close there, it was a huge opportunity to take advantage and score points while giving the offense rest and getting the stop we needed.”

OLB Bradley Chubb had high praise for his teammate, too.

“You saw it from the jump,” Chubb stated, “His ability to bend, learn fast and get everything as quickly as he did. Now he is taking off. I am excited for him and us this season.”