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4 players the Broncos should consider signing

With the final 53-man rosters complete for every team who should the Broncos look to pick up?

NFL: Denver Broncos Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The rosters for every NFL team are tentatively complete and there are some names out there that the Denver Broncos and fans should keep an eye on that were not already cut by Denver.

Tight end Devin Funchess

The Broncos tight end room is very young with Greg Dulcich and Albert Okwuegbaum both under the age of 25 and the other tight end on the roster Eric Saubert is 28. I believe that the Broncos could use a veteran player in the locker room to teach both Dulcich and Okwuegbaum.

I believe Devin Funchess can be that guy. Funchess has played five seasons with the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts, Funchess has spent years behind a great tight end in Greg Olsen. Funchess in his career has 164 catches, 2,265 yards, and 21 touchdowns. I think that if the Broncos were to bring in Funchess it will benefit the tight end room a lot to have a guy who has played multiple seasons in the NFL and has had a lot of experience playing too. Saubert has spent multiple years in the NFL, but he has not had the playing time or production that Funchess has had and even though both players are 28, Funchess has had a lot more time in the NFL.

Tight end Tyler Kroft

I am also going to put Tyler Kroft as a name to look out for to add that veteran presence the Broncos need in the tight end room. The former Cincinnati Bengal, Bill, and Jet in his seven-year career have racked up 101 catches for 1,024 yards, and 13 touchdowns. Kroft still has more production than Saubert and less than Funchess, but Kroft is two years older than Funchess and Saubert.

Defensive tackle Armon Watts

Even with Mike Purcell taking a one-day cut and potentially signing a new deal to come back to the Broncos, the depth at defensive tackle does worry me a bit outside of D.J. Jones.

I think that bringing in Armon Watts could bring in a good depth guy. Watts who has played all three years of his career with the Vikings has 90 tackles and seven sacks. Watts who is coming off a good year last season had five sacks and 23 QB pressures. By bringing in Watts it could help the Broncos’ depth by adding a guy who has played every game in his last two seasons, especially a guy coming off of his best season so far. If the Vikings don’t bring Watts back on their practice squad I would keep an eye on Watts.

Tight end Thaddeus Moss

Thaddeus Moss the son of NFL all-time great Randy Moss was an undrafted free agent coming out of the 2020 NFL draft, He was picked up by the now Washington Commanders then cut and picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals. Moss was called up to the active roster later in the year but then got injured then he missed his entire season. Moss although gets the opportunity to play with his college quarterback in Joe Burrow, Moss was then cut by the Bengals.

I think that if the Broncos want to take the chance to look into Moss he could be a good addition to the tight end room and possibly be another weapon to add. The namesake Moss already holds so much power in the NFL world. He has a lot to live up to even just to be half the player his father was, but I think if Moss is not brought back by the Bengals he is worth the look at just to be a depth guy while Dulcich is on IR.

What players out there would you like to see the Broncos consider? Let us know in the comments section below.