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Javonte Williams on training camp: ‘Having Russ back there really helps me out’

RB Javonte Williams is having a positive second year of training camp, and he attributes a lot of that to his quarterback’s energy, openness and support.

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Javonte Williams is feeling more acclimated to training camp than he did as a rookie last year.

He’s making explosive plays and helping set the stage for a great running back room alongside Melvin Gordon III, from everything we’re seeing thus far.

“Everything is starting to go slower. I am just starting to learn concepts and things,” he said. “I feel like last year, I was just playing — whatever play they told me to do, I was doing it.”

And as he’s being caught up to speed, he’s also seeing the bigger picture of what’s happening in practices.

“... now I feel like I am really starting to understand—the defense moves this way, that’s why we are doing certain things,” he added.

Williams is getting comfortable with his receiving routes, too, and he’s focused on elevating the offense in that capacity as much as possible. Williams promises that if they throw a ball to him, he’s going to catch it.

“It’s been coming along really good,” he said. “That’s what we have been doing, running more routes, trying to get comfortable with Russ, getting the timing and everything right.”

Williams gives his quarterback a lot of credit for this growing comfort. When asked about how difficult it is to learn the new offense, he insisted that it really wasn’t, and that it’s largely thanks to Russell Wilson.

“It’s not as hard as most people think,” he explained. “Having Russ back there really helps me out. If there is something I don’t know, all I have to do is ask him.”

The atmosphere No. 3 brings to the Broncos during this critical time of preparation and team-building has been key for Williams.

“Just being back there with him, it really just calms your mind. It slows the game down,” he explained. “I might have a swing route, then Russ might check it and then I’ll have another route, but it ends up working.”