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2022 Broncos Training Camp: Day 11 news and notes

News and notes from day 11 of Broncos Camp.

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos returned to practice today after having a day off on Sunday and they had shells on. This was a ramp-up day before they put on the full pads for the fourth time for Tuesday’s practice.

Today we have Malik Reed making some plays, Courtland Sutton “Mossing” Darby, a UDFA wide receiver getting peoples attention, news and notes, injury updates, quotes and more!

Malik Reed getting sacks

A forgotten name in the edge rushing group is Malik Reed. A lot of the spotlight has been on Baron Browning and Nik Bonnito and their development, but Reed made sure he reminded people that he’s still around as well.

Reed had multiple sacks and pressures today while going up against the Broncos' starting offense. It is good to see Reed stepping into the spotlight some after Browning and Bonitto’s flashes have been one of the bigger stories from camp.

If the young pass rushers continue to look good and Gregory gets healthy, I could see the Broncos potentially shopping Reed. He’s an old regime guy and probably one of the Broncos' better logical trade chips. If they can get some value back for him, a pick or player swap, I could see that being discussed. However, we are a long ways from even having that conversation, but just something to think about as we inch closer to the preseason.

Sutton “Mossed” Darby

He’s baaaack!

Prior to Courtland Sutton’s knee injury that cost him the 2020 season and most the 2021 offseason, he was known for being able to go up and get each and every 50/50 ball. Now that his knee is fully healthy and he has moved on from that injury, he is back making these crazy circus catches.

Sutton is locked in as the Broncos' number one receiver heading into the 2022 NFL season. Also, now that he is fully healthy, he should be on the verge of a breakout season. He has flashed brilliance throughout his short career with piss poor quarterback play, but now with Russell Wilson throwing him the ball, business should start picking up.

With Russell Wilson always looking for the deep ball, look for Sutton to be targeted deep early and often throughout the season. With his ability to go up and get it, we should see plenty of chunk plays and highlight reel catches between these two.

Can’t wait.

Rookie wide receiver Brandon Johnson is a name to watch

With Tim Patrick out for the season with an ACL injury, this opened up an opportunity for another young receiver to make the team and potentially even earn a role in the offense. One player who has continued to get the attention of media members, players, and Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett is rookie wide receiver, Brandon Johnson.

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett was asked about the former UCF product and he told reporters that Johnson is doing a “fine job” and that “it’s not too big for him”.

“[WR] Brandon [Johnson] has done a really good job. It’s not too big for him, that’s for sure. We put him in on Saturday, and he did a couple of things—had a great double move for a big gain in a two-minute situation. There is so much great opportunity out here right now. When anything happens, you just want to see people capitalize on it and get better and get the trust of the quarterback and the coaching staff. He’s doing a fine job.”

Some media members have noted that Johnson and QB Russell Wilson have developed some chemistry when working together as well. So, some exciting news here about the UDFA wide receiver. He’s a name to watch during the preseason and should get plenty of targets during these games.

News and Notes

  • Broncos will be in full pads tomorrow
  • The joint practice between the Broncos and Cowboys is on Thursday and will be a padded practice

Injury Report

  • Nose Tackle D.J. Jones, slot cornerback K’Waun Williams, and EDGE Jonathon Cooper all returned to practice
  • Wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland and guard Netane Muti sat out practice
  • EDGE Randy Gregory and OT’s Billy Turner and Tom Compton remained on the PUP
  • TE Greg Dulcich and EDGE Christopher Allen are working on the side. The Broncos are just being cautious with Dulcich.
  • CB Ronald Darby was shaken up at the end of practice

Tweets From Camp

Notable Quotes

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett on the most important thing he wants to see from WR Jerry Jeudy

“Just developing. Keep going with the system. Just continuing to develop that chemistry with [QB] Russell [Wilson]. We want that to just keep growing. We do so many things—we want to see how much we can push him on how many different places we can put him, how many different routes he can run. Once we get to the game, we can kind of syphon that stuff down but right now we just want to throw everything at him and see what he can do.”

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett on what he hopes to see in Thursday’s joint practice

“Some great competition. You want to see those guys step up. The best thing about going against a team like Dallas—just going against different people is always great but it is also a completely different scheme than what we face. That is something we are always looking for. You go against this defense, day in and day out. You understand the intricacies on how to beat it, but now you are facing a completely different animal with what Dallas is going to bring in here. So [No.] 1, it’s about being able to adjust on all the things we have been working on up to this point, to now, completely different front structure and watch those guys compete and get after it together. Have a nice, good, clean practice that we can just see different guys attack others.”

Defensive Coordinator Ejiro Evero on what he is looking for from his young defensive backs this weekend

“At the end of the day, it’s not just the [defensive backs], but it’s all of the positions. We’re looking for guys who want to compete and the lights aren’t too big for them. My philosophy in the preseason is we’re not too worried about scheme. The gameplan is going to be more tailored towards execution, evaluation and seeing guys win on-on-one matchups. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Defensive Coordinator Ejiro Evero on if he believes the defense is getting better daily

“I do. I told you guys last time I was here that it is very difficult to transition from the same defense that is slightly different, if that makes sense. There are some things that are very similar, but there are some things that are called the same but different. The guys have been giving great energy and effort and we’re finally transitioning to not so much of what we did last year, but what we’re doing now.”

Offensive Coordinator Justin Outten on what it will take to try to fill the void left with the injury to WR Tim Patrick

“It takes multiple guys to replace a guy like [WR] Tim [Patrick]. Being in different personnel, finding ways to get open, putting guys in space, but you have to get more creative now with your personnel and moving people around. He’s a rock and when he’s here, the guys feed off of him. I told him as soon as he came off the field that I haven’t seen many practices stop for an injury like that. That shows you how much this team respects him and it’s not just the riverside and move on with the drill. It meant a lot to this team. He’ll still continue throughout the season to be in that room as much as he can, and he’ll be the energy those guys need.”

Offensive Coordinator Justin Outten on what challenges TE Greg Dulcich faces by missing out on so many practices

“Anytime you get a niche your rookie season, your put behind the eight ball physically. Mentally, that why you have to stress him. I think Jake has been doing a great job with him and keeping him in tune with everything. Opportunities to call him out in front of the offense and have him ask a question—putting pressure on him. Not just him, but throughout the whole offense. You have to put these guys through pressure situations. This is a controlled environment, so how do you do that? You put a lot of personnel’s, a lot of formation, a lot of motions and force those guys to really be locked into this offense. If you keep it plain jane and you want to get creative during the season, you’re limited now because it builds with that. Stressing those guys with competition period, stressing those guys with personnel’s and motions and formations. That how you start stressing those guys. That way, when they get a game plan, they can home in on exactly what is expected from them.”

Special Teams Coordinator Dwayne Stukes on how WR Montrell Washington has handled the workload of playing both offense and special teams

“To be completely honest—and I’ve said this around the building—his ability to make plays on offense is helping him on special teams. I think I see more confidence. You don’t see the guy who came in the first week or whenever we drafted him as a rookie. He’s starting to mature a little bit more as well. All those catches that he makes on offense are great for him on special teams, but we still have to see what he can do on Saturday as far as a returner.”