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Broncos’ training camp Week 2 top performers

With another week in the books for training camp, who were the top players of the week?

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another week of Denver Broncos training camp is in the books as the first preseason game draws ever closer. Let's take a look at who were the top players of the week and how they performed.

Montrell Washington

Yet again Montrell Washington put on a show. It looks like the Broncos have found a guy in Washington who can make plays as a wide receiver, not just an asset on special teams.

He is small and an excellent athlete, able to cut really well and is fearless as a player. Many fans point to players like Trinity Benson or Isaiah McKenzie as players who played very well during camp and preseason, and then when the regular season started we didn’t hear much about them.

But there is a difference between those guys and Washington. For one thing, Washington is a lot faster. He may even be one of the fastest wide receivers we have on the roster.

If I had to give a No. 1 winner of the week in training camp it would go to Washington. He has come in and put on an amazing show so far. He has also been one of the most impressive and surprising guys at camp to date.

Baron Browning

On the other side of the ball, I have to go with Baron Browning. It is very hard to move positions in the NFL but his transition from inside linebacker to outside linebacker so far has been impressive. He has had high praise from teammates and coaches.

“I think for a normal person, it would be pretty tough, but with [OLB] Baron [Browning], he’s an athlete and a freak,” Jonas Griffith said. “Seeing him fly on the edge and that bend—it’s freakish to see. I’m excited for him and think he’ll have a great year.”

Moving positions and having teammates praise him for the effort and work he has put in has to be amazing. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett also had good things to say about Browning.

“Watching him play [OLB] has been definitely even better than we even thought,” he said.

If Browning does play in the upcoming preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys he will be very interesting to watch and see how he does in a game setting.

Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy had a stellar week at camp. His route running as usual has been absolutely fantastic, and he has made play after play.

Russell Wilson threw a pass on the money to a wide-open Jeudy for an easy touchdown during Saturday’s padded practice.

Coach Hackett was impressed.

“I think he is doing a really good job. I love the one catch that he had earlier. He had the exact same play the day before,” Hackett said last week. “He ran a good route, but yesterday was an even better route. So, he was able to take that coaching from Day 1 to Day 2, and I think that’s always what you’re looking for, for all the players—to be able to talk to them and let them understand what we’re trying to accomplish. Once you see that come out on the field, it makes you really happy. So he’s doing a good job picking it all up.”

Jeudy, who is primed for a huge season this year, has a lot to prove to the NFL world and even to some fans. I expect Jeudy to break out and be one of, if not the top wideout on the team this season.

Russell Wilson

This pick should not come as a shock as Russell Wilson has done so many positive things since joining the Denver Broncos. He’s proving his arm has not missed a beat, and he’s still throwing bombs and right on target. He has shown off his speed as well with a few rushing touchdowns this week.

I think that most importantly he has really made a connection with the wide receivers, we have not seen this type of connection in a while. He has brought a positive environment to Denver and the positivity surges from the facility to the field according to Coach Hackett

In this highlight from Day 10, Wilson proves that he has put on quite the show at camp and has transformed this team into something that many fans have not seen in a while.

Damarii Mathis

Yet another rookie performing far better than people would have thought. Damarii Mathis proved this week that he has the talent to succeed in this league. He was locking guys down all week, and it never hurts to have very impressive interceptions.

Mathis has the team’s support clearly in that clip, which is very encouraging to see out of the rookie.

Coach Hackett, who usually focuses on the offense, had good things to say about Mathis.

“When they first got out here, they didn’t know what was going on,” Hackett said. “He played a lot of press, so we kind of had to transition him to playing off coverage and learning those techniques. He’s really picked those up really well. He made an awesome interception yesterday, cutting across the field. It wasn’t just the technique, but that extra effort to continue to trust himself and run underneath the ball. That was great to see. He’s picking it up. It’s a little different for him because of how he’s played in the past, but he’s picking it up well.”

I believe it is pretty likely we see Mathis get significant playing time in the preseason game against the Cowboys so I think Mathis after the week he just had is worth the watch heading into the game and going forward as well.

Honorable mentions

I do want to mention Trey Quinn who I personally thought would be a practice squad guy. Quinn has performed very well this week as well.

Coach Hackett liked what he saw too.

“He has done a great job. He is a really smart guy. He has been able to come out there and we have been able to throw him in all kinds of different spots and he’s making plays.”

A former teammate of Courtland Sutton in college, Quinn is a guy to watch out for in the future.

Another honorable mention has to go to Max Borghi, the Colorado native, high school running back legend, and Broncos fan who was signed on Tuesday.

Borghi has performed pretty well in his limited reps, showing his very impressive speed and explosiveness. Hopefully, he does make the 53-man roster because Borghi has what he needs to quickly become a fan favorite in Denver.

With the first week in pads wrapped up and a preseason game only days away, it was a pretty nice week for the Broncos.