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Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle could get ugly (but not how you think)

The Broncos are slated to play the Seahawks week one of the regular season. Things could get a little...awkward.

Denver Broncos Training Camp Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos' first game of the season could arguably be the most exciting game for them for the 2022 season. The Broncos will be heading to Seattle to face Russell Wilson’s former team. If Drew Lock gets the start for the Seahawks, then it will end up being the battle of the former quarterbacks for each team.

If you ask most Seahawks fans, they’ll probably say things ended less than favorably between Wilson and the team. In fact, it’s left a bit of a bad taste in their mouths.

Sue Bird, a star WNBA player for the Seattle Storm, had her final game hosted at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena this past week. Many video tributes to Bird were shown at the arena. These tributes came from basketball legends like Lebron James, Lauren Jackson, and more. At one point a video tribute from Wilson appeared on screen, and fans watching the tributes chose to boo Wilson.

Yes, the fans booed the quarterback that helped bring the franchise’s only Super Bowl to their city. They booed the guy who made weekly visits and donations to Seattle Children’s Hospital. They booed the guy who helped make the Seahawks a playoff contender year in and year out.

Wilson’s departure from the Seahawks is probably still a fresh wound for fans. But I’m still a little confused with the choice to boo a man who has done so much for their city and their franchise.

Broncos fans lost the face of the franchise Von Miller last season. I will be honest, it definitely hurts to see him in jerseys that aren’t orange and blue. But I could never see myself rooting against him. In fact, if I remember correctly, most Broncos fans were rooting for the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI because Miller was a part of their squad. If Miller and his new team, the Buffalo Bills, were to come to Denver for a game, I can’t imagine anything less than a warm welcome from Broncos Country for Miller. The return would definitely be emotional for both sides.

It should be noted that Miller and Wilson’s departures were a bit different. Miller never explicitly requested a trade, but Wilson did. Wilson knew the Seahawks were heading in the direction of a rebuild, and as a 33-year-old quarterback, he felt he shouldn’t spend a good chunk of the second half of his career rebuilding. The Broncos were never in a rebuild state, but were mostly missing some pieces here and there.

Wilson and the Broncos coming to Seattle for game one of the regular season sure should make for some great primetime football. If Wilson got such a negative reaction in a video tribute, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s booed the second he steps on the field with his new team.

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