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ManningCast is back with its first 2022 MNF game in a fun throwback with some fabulous prop bets

How early will Eli mention the Broncos’ embarrassing loss to the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48? My bet is on “early.”

Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos could have a chilly reunion in Seattle tonight, but that means the hype is even hotter.

The Broncos will march into the Seahawks’ Lumen Field as 6.5-point favorites, so has created some fun props around the storylines outside of the game’s outcome, such as whether Wilson will get booed by the crowd (was -200 but is now -400).

Personally, I think he’ll get a warm welcome from the crowd, but I suck at betting, so don’t listen to me.

But while this game is awesome for all kinds of reasons — including the fact that the Broncos are finally seen as relevant enough for a primetime game — it is also a “ManningCast” game as Peyton and Eli have made their ESPN+ Monday Night Football commentary so much worth your while that it’s continuing for another season.

And what could be more fun than those brothers giving each other a hard time during a game featuring Peyton’s old team against the team that kept him from another Super Bowl ring (and getting one up on his younger brother).

Here are tonight’s ManningCast Prop bets (*editor’s note: long before Vegas set these up, I was asking our UFGer how early Peyton would dis Ramirez for ruining his SB48, lol):

When will highlight of Super Bowl XLVIII be shown?

During first quarter +125

During second quarter +150

During second half +300

Will Eli mention near shutout in Super Bowl XLVIII

Yes -120

No -120

What will happen first?

Guest censored for language +100

Eli makes fun of Peyton forehead -140

Who will be first guest?

Athlete -150

Non-athlete +110

Will current NFL player be a guest?

Yes -120

No -120

I know you don’t care what I think, but I’m absolutely weighing in on these bets:

  • Highlight of SB 48 in first quarter
  • Eli mentions the near shutout loss in the Super Bowl ... possibly in the opening of the show
  • Eli probably mentions the forehead before a guest cusses, unless the guest is Manny Ramirez and Peyton cusses.
  • There will be an athlete as a guest — and it will probably be a former Broncos teammate of Peyton’s ... maybe Von, maybe E, probably Eric Decker.
  • I think Von is a likely guest.

Now we also know that Peyton and Eli will be joined by Community star and diehard Seahawks fan Joel McHale tonight ... so that should lead to some good trash talking.

More importantly, though, is just watching a great game and enjoying Peyton as your commentator (if you’re not all that high on Joe Buck and Troy Aikman).

For Broncos fans who want the alternative to the new Monday Night Football announcing team — or those of us who want to relive the glory of Super Bowl 50 with Peyton Manning — the ManningCast is available on ESPN2, as well as streaming on ESPN+.



Which of the following would you bet $1 million on?

This poll is closed

  • 14%
    Peyton still manages a dig on Tom Brady - even though he has nothing to do with tonight’s game or SB48.
    (20 votes)
  • 12%
    Eli mentions how they both have two Super Bowl rings
    (17 votes)
  • 37%
    Peyton compares his "scramble ability" to Russell Wilson’s tonight
    (52 votes)
  • 35%
    Whorfin (all of the above)
    (49 votes)
138 votes total Vote Now