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Broncos vs. Seahawks third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos blew two goalline scoring opportunities and still trail 17-13 heading into the fourth quarter.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos scored before the end of the first half and got the ball to start the second, so that would give them a good opportunity to get some momentum on offense. Russell Wilson had a pretty good first half going 10/15 of 206 yards and a touchdown.

Montrell Washington took the kick out of the end zone and was hit hard with a helmet-to-helmet hit that went uncalled. Denver would start from their own 20 yard line.

Things didn’t start too well after Melvin Gordon was stuffed on first down for a loss, but he gained eight on second down to setup a third and four. Wilson then looked for Courtland Sutton who picked up 18 on third down on a beautifully thrown ball by Russ.

Sutton picked up another eight on the next play, then Melvin Gordon would burst through a hole opened up by Andrew Beck for a 13 yard gain into fringe field goal range.

On first down from the Seahawks 36-yard line, Javonte Williams took what should have been negative yardage on a pass outside for a two yard gain. After a delay of game penalty, Wilson lobbed a deep pass to Sutton who was badly interfered with to setup a first and goal scoring opportunity.

After a short pass outside to Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos offense was called for their second delay of game penalty on this drive. On second and goal from the 11, Mike Boone made a catch outside for a couple of yards. Melvin Gordon powered his way on third down to just inside the one yard line after a quick slant from Wilson.

On fourth down, Gordon appeared to fumble as he crossed the goal line with the Seahawks recovering. However, on reply it looked like he crossed the plane and the play was challenged. In real time it looked like a touchdown, but in slow motion the ball was clearly moving before he broke the plane.

The Broncos defense looked like they were finally going to get off the field early on third and long, but a holding penalty by Patrick Surtain gave the Seahawks an automatic first down. On the next play, Bradley Chubb close lined Geno Smith for an easy 15-yards.

With the Seahawks driving, Randy Gregory hit DK Metcalf hard to jar the ball loose. Justin Simmons recovered and returned it deep into Seattle territory. The defense finally made a play midway through the third quarter.

From the Seahawks 32-yard line, Wilson immediately went deep to Courtland Sutton. The ball was poorly thrown, however, and fell incomplete. Despite giving away the ball on the last drive, Melvin Gordon stayed in there on the next drive. He gained seven yards on second down to set Denver up with a third and three. K.J. Hamler was held his entire route into the end zone and pass interference was called to set them up with another first and goal.

From the four yard line, Denver continued to feed Melvin Gordon instead of Javonte Williams. He gained a half yard on first down. Albert Okwuegbunam caught a pass from Wilson at the goal line but was tackled just shy. Javonte Williams, this time, fumbled shy of the end zone where Seattle would recover again.

The defense seemed to be playing better in the second half, but on a third and eight Geno kept finding an open wide receiver. Two first downs to begin their next drive as the third quarter wound under two minutes.

The third quarter would end with the Seahawks facing a third and two.