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WATCH: Russell Wilson hits Jerry Jeudy for a 67-yard touchdown

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson found an open Jerry Jeudy who took it to the house for a 67-yard touchdown pass. Check it out!

It’s been over 600 days since the last time Jerry Jeudy has caught a touchdown pass. It took one target from Russell Wilson for Jeudy to turn in a 67-yard touchdown pass where he broke two tackles to put the Denver Broncos back in the game with the Seattle Seahawks.

Check it out:

The Broncos defense just needs to wake up now as Denver is fortunate to be in a tie ball game midway through the second quarter. The 67-yard touchdown pass should fire them up, but this is what the Broncos signed Russell Wilson for. The big play! The momentum changing play. And we’ve already gotten our first one of the season here in the first half in Week 1.

Go Broncos!