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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Here are your Week 2 Power Rankings. What teams made the biggest impressions in their season opener?

NFL: SEP 11 Packers at Vikings

Well, that was quite the first week of football, wasn’t it? The opening week of the NFL season featured seven betting underdogs that now start the season either 1-0 or 0-0-1. Did your team see a rise or drop in this week’s power rankings? Let’s find out.

Of course the Broncos are going to be taking a fall after blowing it against the Seahawks after a game riddled with mistakes, both from the players and the coaching staff. But let’s look at the bright side, at least it provided plenty of learning moments. And there’s a low chance that it can get worse.

The Vikings, Giants, and Steelers made some of the biggest moves up the ladder after their performances in Week 1, with Minnesota acting as the most impressive team this week as they dismantled Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Led by Justin Jefferson, who Rodgers deemed the greatest player in the league, Minnesota turned Green Bay’s secondary into burnt toast. But don’t let that cause you to overlook the Vikings’ defensive unit showing out, holding Rodgers to a mere 195 yards, zero touchdowns, and one interception. Is there a new sheriff in the NFC North?

Mover of the Week: Minnesota Vikings (Up eight spots)

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Week 2 Previous (Week 1)
Rank Week 2 Previous (Week 1)
1 Bills Bills
2 Chiefs Chiefs
3 Bucs Bucs
4 Chargers Packers
5 Ravens Colts
6 Rams Eagles
7 Eagles Broncos
8 Titans Ravens
9 Packers Bengals
10 Bengals Rams
11 Vikings Chargers
12 Colts Cardinals
13 Saints Saints
14 Dolphins 49ers
15 Broncos Raiders
16 Browns Cowboys
17 Raiders Titans
18 Cardinals Dolphins
19 49ers Patriots
20 Steelers Vikings
21 Cowboys Steelers
22 Patriots Commanders
23 Commanders Bears
24 Bears Jags
25 Giants Panthers
26 Lions Giants
27 Seahawks Browns
28 Texans Seahawks
29 Panthers Falcons
30 Falcons Lions
31 Jags Texans
32 Jets Jets