Week 1 review!!

First off hats off to the ‘Hawks and Smith, they played well. Denver fought hard but we all know why we lost that game. Hackett.

That said, that was pretty disappointing way to lose and the loss goes entirely to Hackett and the coaching staff, all of it.

It seems like every organism in the known Universe knew that the Seattle fan base would be fired up for Wilson’s return. there’s probably a squid in the Mariana Trench saying, " Uhhh hey man between Wilsons return and Smith and Carrol trying to prove themselves this is basically Seattles Super Bowl soooo….uhhhh….be ready". And squidude doesn’t even have fast internet.

Wilson certainly knew it and looked, early on, a little freaked out. I mean, the pundits knew it…pretty much anything with sentience seemed to know it’d be loud as F*** and you better be prepared. It’s really step one of the plan: get the damn play in and ball snapped. Nope.

The coaching staff seem exempt from the rest of the Universe though because they clearly, demonstrably failed to prepare. In the 40+ years I’ve been watching Broncos football I’m really not sure I’ve seen the QB so consistently struggle to snap the ball before a delay of game penalty. Plays coming in late, total disorganization, complete, utter lack of timing and urgency.

Getting the ball snapped consistently as time expires really doesn’t give your O-Line and QB much of chance. The preparation was awful. I know Hackett is a first year head coach but c’mon man he had months to prepare for this one game and beyond play calling or strategy getting plays is just basic level stuff.

Where the hell was Williams in the 3rd quarter? Williams was everything advertised. Every time he touched the ball it was dynamic. Hackett goes with Gordon though for most of touches in the 3rd though. WTH man. Also at the goal line. Sigh. Feed your lead back. Don’t overthink it.

That was just awful strategy. Williams could have used more field time, especially in the 3rd. When Gordon was used situationally he was wonderful, when used as the primary back it was mediocre to bad and the offense stalled a bit.

I honestly thought Williams was hurt, or there was some strategy to "unleash" him in the 4th after Gordon spelling him, but nope, Hackett just kinda went away from him and used Williams to spell Gordon in the 3rd. Williams was literally the most dynamic player the Broncos had all a night and Hackett just kinda says " Well, enough of that let’s go get fancy." Sigh. All the sighs.

As much as it pains me I have to talk about that last minute. That was laughably bad. Even the trench Squid was screaming at his TV to call a timeout. Everyone who’s ever watched a football game was screaming to call a timeout.

First, you have three time outs. THREE!!! take one, settle, think about it. Try to draw them offside. There’s a statistical difference between a 64 yard field goal and a 59. YOU HAVE THREE TIMEOUTS!!! Calm down. Settle down.

Nope, just burn 40 seconds and kick a career long field goal in an opposing teams stadium. Gross. I need a shower gross. I got drunk and made some horrible choices last night gross. That’s how gross that 40 seconds were.

So let me get this straight, you trade fore Wilson, he’s your MVP gonna take you to the Super Bowl quarter billion dollar dude with a catch phrase multiple fourth quarter comebacks and the decision is to burn the clock and not let him go for it with the game on the line but instead go for a 64 yard field goal?


I don’t know if that’s just stupid or the most mind blowing choice Hackett made all night. Give him the damn ball. He wins or he loses. That’s why you got him. That exact situation. If it’s a 59 yarder it’s a judgement call. At 64 yards in an away game it’s Wilson’s ball. Period. Full F****ing stop.

This loss falls entirely on Hackett and his staff. Bad preparation. Bad choices. Grotesque time management. If he doesn’t do a better job then Wilson et al don’t stand a chance this year.

Well, wash it off, it’s just one loss ( albeit an entirely winnable game) and rally for next week.

As always feel free to insult my ancestry, pick apart all the typos and grammatical mistakes and in general troll both my vocabulary and typing skills. Cheers.

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