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The Broncos can’t be sloppy against the Texans

Week 1 is over, and the sloppy play has to go with it.

Don’t jump off the bandwagon yet Broncos Country. It was a tough week for Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett, but this too shall pass.

After the Denver Broncos lost a tough game to the Seattle Seahawks to open the season, the range of reactions from the fans was wide, but reasonable. Even the angry fans who couldn’t contain their frustration were right. That frustration came from a place of longing.

We had been waiting for the Russell Wilson era to begin with such anticipation that the letdown was harsh. Then we all slept on it and realized that the game was not as bad as it felt, and Denver was going to have a chance at vindication when the Houston Texans came to town in Week 2.

Ian St. Clair and I discussed the issues the Broncos would have to overcome in Week 2. In order to assuage the anxiety of the fans, Nathaniel Hackett will have to have his team ready. Bad penalties, turnovers, porous defense, weak special teams play, those all have to go away. The Texans are going to be a tough team this season, even though they won’t win a lot of games. Lovie Smith will have them ready to go each week.

For Hackett and Wilson, it is going to be imperative that they push past the slow play calling, and move the offense more quickly. The sloppiness of the game has to go away. Whether it was because of a lack of preseason playing time, or just Week 1 jitters, the offense will have to be on point.

There will also need to be better decision making from the head coach, who also calls the offensive plays. No more shotgun handoffs from inside the one yard line. No more kicking 60-plus yard field goals with the game on the line. No more leaning on Melvin Gordon in goal-to-go situations.

Fortunately for Denver, the schedule isn’t too difficult in the immediate future. Some of the injuries, like Justin Simmons going on the IR, will have less of an impact because of it. Hopefully, Russ can cook in Week 2.

I’m still gonna say it. Broncos Country, Let’s Ride!