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Broncos Country believes Denver will beat the Houston Texans this week

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Denver Broncos fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate.

We asked Denver Broncos fans multiple questions this week in our weekly survey. While confidence from fans has waned slightly, 90% of us still think the Broncos will handle the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Frankly, it should be higher. The Texans are not a very good football team and while I don’t think the Seattle Seahawks are very good either, I do think the Broncos should have easily won last week. The team squandered so many scoring opportunities that it boggles the mind to even think about it. That amount of bad luck shouldn’t happen in back-to-back weeks.

Speaking of the bad luck, some of it was self inflicted. The second part of our questioning had to do with the most surprising issue from the loss on Monday. I only picked three of the most frustrating self-inflicted issues and the one that frustrated me the most won out.

How you give a Hall of Fame quarterback a $250 million contract extension only to take the ball out of his hands on a 4th and 5 to kick an insane 64-yard field goal is beyond my understanding. Hopefully that is a mistake rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett never makes again. Also, 12 penalties for 106 yards was also frustrating. The Broncos nearly doubled the total yards of the Seahawks, but when you factor in penalties the yardage difference was obviously much closer. They need to clean up that sloppy play.

The last bit from our weekly survey had to do with ‘overall confidence’ in the direction the team is headed. We were flying high heading into Week 1 with fans at a 97% confidence rate in this metric, but that tanked to 80% after that ugly error-filled performance on Monday Night Football. A win this week would likely put us back in the green, but a loss would likely be catastrophic to this survey question.

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