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Bradley Chubb was highest PFF graded Broncos’ player in Week 1

The Denver Broncos pass rush was on fire in the second half of the Seattle Seahawks game. Bradley Chubb led the way.

Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

While the Denver Broncos came up short against the Seattle Seahawks, one bright spot was how well the defense adjusted in the second half of that game. They were torched for over 200 yards in the first half and gave up 17 points, but in the second half the absolutely dominated giving up zero points and less than 40 total yards of offense.

A lot of that had to do with the team’s pass rush. Led by Bradley Chubb, the entire edge rushing unit dominated according to Pro Football Focus.

Chubb piled up two sacks and a forced fumble. Randy Gregory was also active. He didn’t have any sacks, but he was pressuring Geno Smith all night long. Add in Baron Browning who took advantage of his time on the field as well and you have a second half defense that controlled the game.

It’s unfortunate that the offense had so many miscues and multiple missed opportunities for touchdowns in a game they would eventually lose by a single point. Otherwise, we’d be talking about just how well the Broncos’ defense played in that second half.