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Sutton “answered the bell” for Broncos during 16-9 victory over Texans

When Jerry Jeudy went out, Sutton rose to the occasion to save the Broncos from embarrassment

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are in the win column, but it still feels a bit... off.

Following Sunday afternoon’s 16-9 victory over the Houston Texans in the team’s home opener, the Broncos now own a 1-1 victory to start the season, but many in Broncos Country won’t be reaffirmed following the previous Monday night loss.

The lowlights of Sunday’s hard fought win over a team who allowed 500 yards to team who a week later would be shut out by the Jaguars was penalty after penalty, injury after injury, and dropped pass after dropped pass.

It isn’t exactly the type of unit Russell Wilson envisioned when he left Seattle, but luckily, one unscathed member of the Broncos’ offense stepped up in a big way.

There really isn’t any other way to sugar coat it: the team is struggling to start the season.

And to make things worse, the football gods have a wicket sense of humor, as both Pat Surtain II and Jerry Jeudy had to leave the game Sunday with injuries. The significance of their injuries will not be fully known until they are evaluated but given the initial looks, it doesn’t look great.

Luckily, with the offense decimated, the rest of the defense stepped up (albeit against the Texans), and one man on the outside of the offense did his part to push the team to victory.

He had a costly miscue early in the game, but in the end, Sutton pulled in 7 catches for 122 yards, and in clutch situations.

If fortune holds, he won’t have to manage the load all himself for long.

Still, though, there were too many dropped passes tonight. Too many miscues. A lot of rust that seems could have been avoided had the 1st unit spent any time together in preseason games.

But that’s all a big “whatever”, as a win is a win, and the team can only grow from it, and they should.

If anything can be learned from this, it’s this: at least we’re not the Bengals.