The Paxton Lynch of fanbases

A contrarian view. No, not on the quality of play or coaching. Both have been really disappointing. Many parts of the team have been mediocre or worse. One part that should be called out, that no one will agree with me on, the fans.

They are not it the top half of the nfl. Denver used to have one of the top 5 "12th man" stadiums. Teams used to hate coming here. Like Seattle or KC. But here, the fans got spoiled and soft. And NOW, can’t control their own emotion. All while patting themselves on the back for booing and counting down the play clock.

They boo’d Wilson without relent, more than Seattle did. Seattle’s fans treatment of Wilson on his return was an embarrassment for someone who gave them 10 good years. Denver’s was worse. and on his triumphant honeymoon. It was supposed to be a grand welcome. he didn't play well. the fans played worse.

Do you think booing is actually making players wake up and realize they have to play harder? A brand new coach, a brand new exciting possibility with a HOF QB. It’s a stressful transition for both of them. It shows. They aren’t handling it well. Yet. I’m sure the fact that their fans turn on them within 3 minutes helps. Relaxes them. They know they are home. With the best fast base in the NFL. Right. AT least wait for a few games. But no. spoiled and a poor team mate. If you still believe in fantasies like "12th man" in Denver. The 12th man is supposed to make it hard on the other team.

"But hey man, we paid good money for these tickets. We deserve better and have every right to boo" yeah. Sure. You do. You’re a paying customer. JUST a paying customer. Just don’t pretend you’re a "12th man". If you think that’s what you are, you should be cut. Imagine if Chubb came over and told the offense they really suck, when they come off the field. Even if he was right, that would be the worst teammate you could have. He has a right to his feelings. He wouldn’t ever do that though. He is a good teammate. He can control himself. Not the loud minority in the stands. They’re like drunk romans in the colosseum demanding blood and more drink. If you were at the game in the west stands you would have seen how disgusted the bronco defense was ( at the fans as they counted down the play clock ) But what can they say? Nothing. These people pay good money to do whatever the hell they want. But I can say it. It’s disappointing that we have below average fans that claim to have football knowledge but really just want to hear themselves whine. Today, our fans are the Paxton Lynch of fan bases.

Actually, more than half of the crowd on any given week is still pretty good. Knowledgeable and want to help the team. Be that 12th man. But a vocal and large minority speaks volumes. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Does this excuse Hacket, the penalties, the offense, the many mistakes? Of course not. I want to believe that they will get better. Much better. They have to or this team will not compete. Everything is new and going a hundred miles an hour. I would image what they really need is a 15,000 drunk romans calling for their head within seconds of every mistake. That should help ease the transition and make them want to be home where they have an advantage. That should help improve this team. Afterall, how would they even know they needed to improve without these knowledgeable customers telling them?

But then again, they paid their money. They have every right to be an obnoxious customer. Having a right to be a jerk doesn’t mean you have to be. And don’t pretend you’re a "12th man" you are definitely not part of the solution. Very few will agree with me. I don’t care. I paid my money.

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