Week 2 Oh No review!!

Well, we won. I honestly considered that three word review but I’m bored, hungover, back hurts and I’m old so why not blather on.

Anyone watching this game was either lulled to sleep for most of the game or just so stunned by the difference between what we thought we’d be getting and the product on the field that we just kinda sat on our couches in a stunned stupor.

As of right now the coaching is terrible. The play calling, the functional aspects such as getting plays in and the utter lack of preparation leading to penalties all fall on the coaches.

What the hell is going on with the Defense? Do they realize the game starts in the 1st quarter? At least this time they decided to show up around 4 minutes left in the 2nd instead of waiting till the start of the 3rd like they did in the Seattle game. if that carries forward the D may actually show up to start a game somewhere around week 6.

If the Defense decides to take a quarter or two off against a good team, just say KC, the score will be 28-0 before you can eat that second chicken wing. Again, that’s coaching. I don’t know that the D is good or bad, just that one minute Geno Smith then Davis Mills look like HOF’ers then we tighten up just enough. If it’s Herbert or Mahommes…..well, we can all do math and to the right of the equal sign it’ll just say ass kicking.

The offense is a disjointed mess and either Wilson isn’t running it right or Hackett spent the entire offseason prepping for a QB that isn’t capable of running his Offense.

As I watched the game I couldn’t help but think of the NBA today compared to the NBA of the late 80’s and 90’s. Today’s NBA is ( in my opinion) a one dimensional game focused on the 3 point shot. In the previous era is was about flow, extra passes, getting 5 guys involved, fundamentals. Now it’s just pass and take the three….crowd roars or sighs. I saw so many deep passes instead of a flowing, cohesive offensive plan by Wilson it got ridiculous. If your entire game plan rests on hoping for a 30 yard bomb, while scrambling, and either a catch or pass interference call then something is wrong.

What’s working is the run game, passes to the flat and short to mid yardage passes to your TE’s. Soon as it works though either Hackett or Wilson decide " Well enough of that, let’s go deep." It’s utterly infuriating. It’s as if they see something that works, do it for a few plays then outthink themselves and go for the bomb. The crowd cheers or sighs ( mostly sighs).

The O-line just isn’t jelled enough to give him that much time and it likely won’t be until 6-7 games into the season. This should be a dink and dunk, pass to the RB’s and TE’s to set up the OCCASIONAL long ball instead of the mess we’re seeing.

And the Offense is a mess. Much like the logistics ( getting plays in) portion of the coaching there just doesn’t seem to be a real plan here, It’s just a mishmash of plays and then a "3 point " shot. The singularly most effective weapon they have has been Williams. He got 7 and 12 runs respectively. Williams needs to be on the field WITH Gordon more, but if there’s 22 carries a game for your RB’s then Williams needs 17 not 12. Gordon will be tremendously effective in a role where he’s not taking 45-50% of the runs but is used situationally, like Hunt in Cleveland . It’s such stupid, inane play calling it’s hard to watch.

Anyone see that play with the Browns, Hunt and Chubb at the goal line? Hunt and Chubb lined up together, Hunt flairs to the right, fake handoff to Chubb, Hunt catches the swing pass, easy score for Hunt. Exactly what I said to do in my Open letter to George. Where’s that play from Hackett?

I personally love the short pass setting up the run especially like the Seattle game game where he caught 11 so why not more of that? With him and Gordon. Although he and Gordon have been an effective duo, Hackett needs to run the Offense THROUGH Williams right now, and he needs to get Williams and Gordon on the field together. That’s your Offensive identity. Not through Wilson, because the line isn’t and won’t protecting him adequately to have this be that type of passing attack for weeks to come.

There just is no identity to the offense, none. They had the entire offseason to figure that out and since they obviously haven’t yet it doesn’t bode well for us.

Either Wilson wants ‘to cook" so very badly and has too much leverage or the coaching staff has ceded to much power to him and can’t rein this back to a run first, dink n’ dunk, chew up the field offense. Pick a lane.

This speaks to utter disaster that is the Red Zone. It’s almost hard to quantify how bad this team is in scoring situations. The play calling is awful and the players execution is worse then that. There’s so much to fix it’s honestly hard to know where to begin. All that can be said is that if this is the Red Zone ( and offense in general) against two bottom tier teams then this is going to be a humbling season.

We’re 1-1 and if we’re lucky we’ll go 3-3 in the first 6 games and the line, coaching, Defense and Offense will jell at that point and we’ll still have a shot at a Wildcard. How that’s gonna happen I don’t know. Right now we have the Niners with Jimmy ( and they’re a very good team) then the Raiders, Colts and Chargers. Regardless of how bad the Colts look they’re a good team and the ass kicking by the Jags have a good chance of them correcting themselves ( make sure you say that like Grady in the Shining).

Right now the team that the Broncos are putting on the field don’t have a real chance of beating those four teams. There’s a better chance of losing either 3 or all 4 against that upcoming slate and 1-5 or 2-4 is a better possibility then 3-3. Right now the Niners, LV and Chargers will wipe the field with the Broncos team we’ve seen and the Colts will be a coin flip at best.

If the coaching staff doesn’t get the penalties under control, go to a Defense that plays four quarters and more contained Offense this is going to get out of control real bad, real fast.

As always feel free to launch some hate and vitriol toward my heritage and maybe leave a metaphorical dead, rotting fish in some messages. Cheers.

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