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How to jump-start the Broncos offense | Week 2 film analysis

The Denver Broncos offense has struggled to finish drives through the first two weeks. We jump into the film to see how they can improve.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This article is so much better to write with the Denver Broncos sitting at 1-1 instead of 0-2. Similar to playing or coaching everything is better after a win, especially reviewing the areas that need to improve. We are two games into this season and if we are being honest with ourselves this Broncos offense looks nothing like we imagined. We all had dreams of deep overs to Jerry Jeudy, stick it 8 post bombs to Courtland Sutton, and 42 points a game with Russell Wilson at the helm. Unfortunately, we have had back-to-back 16-point games and a pit in our stomach the size of the grand canyon.

When you put on the All-22 film you realize that little things add up and there are six issues that are haunting this offense.

  1. Procedure Penalties - You simply cannot have false starts and delay of game penalties at home, it's inexcusable when these sorts of things happen.
  2. Miscommunication - There are too many route combinations that make no sense and route decisions/throws that need to be cleaned up.
  3. Outsmarting OUrselves - I love a salty play design more than anyone, but if we find ourselves running FB speed option on 3rd and inches, we may be overdoing it here.
  4. Red Zone Sequencing - Our play calling in the red zone has been rough, to say the least. We need to run the rock inside the five, and this is a former QB talking.
  5. Boot Action - We have to clean up our boot game and start to check out of it when we have an extra force defender who is there to strictly account for Russel.
  6. Game of Inches - This is something that you really can’t address but it needs to be said, we are inches away from at least 21 more points on the board.

Now, let’s jump into the film to break it all down: