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Broncos find great value with Russell Wilson

Broncos Country will look to find good value throughout the season, too.

When the Denver Broncos traded for Russell Wilson it signaled a big change for the franchise. As the team underwent major changes, a certain amount of optimism has settled on the fans. That optimism has been multiplied exponentially with the news of Wilson’s contract extension.

The Walmart Broncos have copious amounts of money to spend, and they are looking for good value with their new look. It appears that this new contract is going to be good value.

Speaking of good value, that was the main focus of Broncos Odds and End(zones). Ian St. Clair and I have started our journey of finding fun ways to lay some money down on our favorite team.

The goal has been to identify some bets that could be fun to watch throughout the season, and bring good value. The Russell Wilson deal couldn’t have come at a better time for this search.

What we are looking at here are season futures. There are some fun plays that you could make, but one stood out to me that I think is the best value bet of the futures bets; Division passing yards leader.

According to DraftKings, Justin Herbert is the favorite to lead the division in passing yards, with Patrick Mahomes right behind at +130 and +150. The third pick by the sports book? Derek Carr at +350. Russell Wilson, you ask? He is +900 to lead the division in passing yards.

That’s right. Even with the weapons, and the excitement, Wilson is listed as a distant last place to lead the AFC West in passing yards. I saw that and immediately knew I found a bet that had an incredible amount of value.

As I told Ian on the show, there has been a shift in how people watch the NFL. Fans that were sucked in by fantasy football are being pulled toward the instant payouts of prop bets, and parlays. It adds a new dimension to how fans watch the game.

For me, I am excited to see what this new look Broncos team can do. I am also hoping that I can find some good value bets throughout the season to add an extra tinge of intrigue as Broncos Country rides with Russell Wilson in 2022 and beyond.