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NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

A little less madness this week, but still plenty of shake ups

The more things change, the more they stay the same. And this statement will always ring true for the Cleveland Browns, especially after their embarrassing loss where they had a 99.9% chance of winning before they gave up two touchdowns in the last 88 seconds, both of which came from the very elite Joe Flacco. Cleveland now starts their “Elf Logo” era 0-1.

I know the Titans aren’t that good, but the Bills are firing on all cylinders right now, on both sides of the football. There seems to be little to no issues through the first couple weeks of the season, especially with Von Miller looking as good as he did during his Super Bowl 50 MVP campaign.

The Broncos are moving up this week, luckily enough for us, but they’re not moving that much given that it was a sloppy win over the Houston Texans, which are just about last on this list. Let’s just remember to stay positive about this team though. Pretty much all of their problems are fixable.

Mover of the Week: Arzona Cardinals (Up eight spots). It doesn’t feel like they should move this much after an overtime win over the Raiders, but that’s just the way it worked out. Between not wanting to move losing teams up spots and not thinking the Broncos are worthy of being higher than the Cardinals, they managed to end up at #10.

Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Week 3 Previous Week (Week 2)
Rank Week 3 Previous Week (Week 2)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Chiefs - Chiefs
3 Bucs - Bucs
4 Eagles +1 Chargers
5 Chargers -1 Ravens
6 Rams - Rams
7 Packers +2 Eagles
8 Ravens -3 Titans
9 Dolphins +5 Packers
10 Cardinals +9 Bengals
11 49ers +8 Vikings
12 Broncos +3 Colts
13 Vikings -2 Saints
14 Saints -1 Dolphins
15 Titans -7 Broncos
16 Bengals -6 Browns
17 Cowboys +4 Raiders
18 Raiders -1 Cardinals
19 Colts -7 49ers
20 Browns -4 Steelers
21 Patriots +1 Cowboys
22 Steelers -2 Patriots
23 Giants +2 Commanders
24 Lions +2 Bears
25 Commanders -2 Giants
26 Bears -2 Lions
27 Jags +4 Seahawks
28 Jets +4 Texans
29 Seahawks -2 Panthers
30 Texans -2 Falcons
31 Falcons -1 Jags
32 Panthers -3 Jets