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The Broncos matchup against the 49ers suddenly got more intimidating

The 49ers are down to their second option at QB after Trey Lance broke his ankle. Suddenly they’re more intimidating...

The Denver Broncos are slated to face the visiting San Francisco 49ers in primetime this upcoming Sunday.

With the way the Broncos have been playing as of late, Broncos fans are much more nervous heading into games now. The team came out of the gate in weeks 1 and 2 and essentially fell flat on their face. Many things with the Broncos, like the coaching and their offensive efficiency, are not firing on all cylinders.

In the latest Broncos Binge podcast, my cohost Dalton and I discuss how we are even more nervous for this game now that Jimmy Garoppolo is playing.

Garoppolo has been mostly a wildcard for the majority of his career. He either comes out and puts up a great performance, or he plays like he’s never thrown the ball before. We don’t know which version the Broncos will see on Sunday.

With the 49ers losing their starting quarterback Trey Lance for the season due to a broken ankle, it is now Garoppolo’s time to step in. And this might sound crazy, but suddenly their team is better. With Lance at the helm, the 49ers were upset by the Chicago Bears in week 1 and started off incredibly slow against the Seattle Seahawks in week 2. Lance got hurt against the Seahawks, and Garoppolo came in. Once he was in, the 49ers' offense started moving and putting up points.

Honestly, I would have felt more confident in the Broncos' chances at winning if they were facing Lance. Now that they’re facing Garoppolo, I’m not entirely confident about what the outcome will be. Which version of Garoppolo will we see?