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Don’t countdown to the end of the Broncos season

The overreaction is understandable, but we can all live through the growing pains.

There has been a debate around the Denver Broncos after the first two weeks of the season. The loss to the Seattle Seahawks followed by a lackluster performance in the win over the Houston Texans has some fans more than a little concerned.

That doesn’t mean we should start counting down to the end of the season. Still, as I told Ian on Broncos Odds and Endzones, fans are emotional creatures. We swoon, and cry, and shout, and stomp our feet. We overreact when things go poorly, and we get overly excited when Teddy Bridgewater leads our team to a 3-0 record.

Some people even write articles that posit questions that have an obvious answer, and then write about the opposite of that answer up until the end of the article, getting pissy when readers miss “the point.”

That doesn’t mean that the fans who do all those things aren’t warranted in their worries. Nathaniel Hackett has struggled with game management in his first two games. It has been a big part of the slow start, and the main concern for the “sky is falling” crowd.

As so many have noted, when you have the home crowd counting down the play clock, it is time to re-evaluate the play calling process. But those are the growing pains we should have all anticipated.

How could we, though. The hype videos that followed the biggest move in the NFL’s offseason never mentioned the growing pains. The edited, smooth, grin inducing Mr. Unlimited clips, with gorgeous backgrounds and perfect soundtracks had most of us drooling.

The anticipation. The build up. The spine tingling excitement of a team of relevancy overshadowed the coaching staff filled with the term “first year” littering the cast of characters.

George Paton has seemingly knocked everything out of the park. Drafts, trades, free agency, all seemingly excellent moves. The only dark spot could only be known to us after the start of the season.

Yet the panic button, while practically mashed through the floor by some, should be left alone for awhile. The growing pains should have been expect. They weren’t, but now we know.

As long as we got each other, we got the football world right in our hands. Hackett will improve. They will score in the red zone. The Broncos are talented enough to overcome their issues.

I still think that by the end of the season, we will be in a lucky dream, sharing the laughter and love of a playoff run.