Broncos vs. 49ers score predictions ( Fans VS Staff)

In deference to to the writers of MHR…

Let the sh*T talk begin!!! Fans VS Staff…..LET’S RIDE!!!

With all due respect to the five that picked Denver you’re clearly hanging out at The Press Club, getting comped WAY to much booze. You lunatics have Denver coming in at about non garbage time 31 points…you’re aware that 1) this is just one game and 2) Hackett would need at minimum an extra 30 seconds per play just to get his Offense in position to score that much.

With the gauntlet now firmly thrown down here’s my take:

The only thing Denver has shown against two weak teams is bumbling and incompetence and they’re lucky to be 1-1. Hackett won’t completely solve that this game, nationally televised, against a team that will contend in the NFC championship game.

Against the Niners I fully expect the Defense to show up earlier then the second quarter but not enough. End of the 1st quarter: 21-3 49er’s.

The San Fran Offense is clicking and Kittle looks like the the HOF’er he is, the play action is killing us and we all understand that San Fran has been a perennial contender under Jimmy G. Denver’s Defense is gassed, but Javonte breaks a nice 38 yard run for a TD and is over 100 yards. End of 2nd quarter 31-10

A back and forth with the Denver D stepping up End of 3rd 34-17

Denver makes a charge but it’s not enough, a late pick six off Wilson seals it. 44-24. With the last TD coming in "garbage time"

Denver has a come to Jesus moment in this game, Hackett becomes a better coach and we all pray this is rock bottom.

That!!! Is a specific predication. Let the Sh*t talking commence!!!

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