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The 3 best bets for Sunday Night Football

For those looking to make things more interesting for tonight’s big matchup at Mile High, here are a couple of bets to consider before the game.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The following betting odds are from DraftKings Sportsbook. Here are the three best bets to keep an eye out for, as the Denver Broncos host the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

1. Russell Wilson over 8.5 rushing yards (-115 - $11.50 to win $10)

While this may seem like an obscure bet, Russell Wilson gaining over 8.5 rush yards is likely due to the 49ers stout defense and pass rush led by Nick Bosa. Expect Russ to be flushed out of the pocket on multiple occasions and gain extra yards with his legs. Although Russ has been tentative to use his legs so far this season, Russ might need to make a big play late in the game to move the chains.

2. Russell Wilson to have more passing yards than Jimmy Garoppolo (-120 - $12 to win $10)

The next bet is for Russ to have more passing yards than Jimmy Garoppolo at a good value. 49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, loves to run the ball and to establish the run early so expect Deebo Samuel and Jeff Wilson to get a lot of touches in the backfield, which will limit Garoppolo’s opportunities to gain passing yards. Although it has been a shaky start for the Broncos offense, I still like the chances of a much better quarterback in Russ to throw for more yards than Garoppolo, especially with great odds of -120.

3. 49ers First Half Spread -1 (+115 – $10 to win $11.50)

The last bet for the night is for the 49ers to cover the spread of -1 going into halftime. The Broncos have yet to head into halftime with a lead this season, whereas the 49ers have done the opposite and have led at half in every game so far. From what Broncos fans have seen so far, slow starts have been commonplace for this Broncos offense and might cause them to slip into a deficit come halftime.

Comment which bets you like for tonight’s game!