Week 3 review

Well…..uhhhh….well…we won. Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Good news: Denver is 2-1

Bad news: Ugly F*C**** win man.

Don’t get your hopes up here, this was some terrible football and it wasn’t so much who won insomuch as who fucked up last. Well, that was the Niners so Denver takes the participation trophy I guess?

Hackett and Wilson are clearly not in synch and even though there were glimpses, some flashes, Wilson’s body language says it all: there’s something off.

Melvin Gordon did his best to fumble the game away but that award goes to the Niners. I mean every time that dude gets the ball it’s a Choose your Own Adventure Story.

The Denver D was excellent and the Niners Offense was awful. Still, the D played their asses off and if they can maintain that long enough for the Offense to get their feet under them then good things might happen. It’s nice to see Chubb ( still don’t want to re-sign him) and Gregory bring some chaos.

What the hell is going on with Juedy? Either he’s a bust or he’s gonna need till year four to develop or maybe he’s just as out of whack as the rest of the Offense but he and Wilson’s connection is basically a swipe left on a dating app, it’s just not there.

Hackett ran his Offense through Williams for most of the game which was nice to see some identity and consistency, but don’t we have TE’s? Pretty sure we have some…maybe could’ve used them in that short passing game they were trying. Three games in and it’s a weird Offense right? Game one it’s passes to TE’s and Williams and that’s working so Hackett just seems to…forget?

It just seems like he’s still figuring it out on the fly, but there’s some improvement I suppose. I’m not sure 9 offensive points constitutes improvement though.

However, the Niners basically just dared Wilson to beat them and started stacking the box. If the trend of a poor passing attack continues opposing D’s are gonna shut us down. WTF am i talking about? We scored 11 points, we’re pretty shut down down.

Some good news is the AFC West isn’t as advertised, at least not three games in, they all kinda just are meh.

Denver is…well, we’ve all seen the last three games. The Raiders are just bad and Carr looks like he should benched. The Chargers are good but anyone who’s ever had a rib injury knows it’s almost indescribably painful so Herbert may as well have flashing neon sign on his rib cage of a fucking dinner bell for opposing players.

The Chiefs look exceptionally beatable. The reason that’s all good is because maybe, just maybe Denver can actually afford some growing pains, hit the end of the season with some fluidity and stride and enter the playoffs at peak.

The most concerning thing I saw was Wilson really trying to use the middle of the field and, for the most part, failing. His passes were too "hot", too high and rarely if ever hit players in stride. Reading the critiques of Wilson was that he didn’t use the middle of the field effectively, his mobility was fading and Defense’s basically had a nice script on how to play him. It’s clear Hackett wanted to attack the middle with short passes and Wilson did not look good. Again, I’d use more TE crossing routes and Juedy in the slot but with the overall offensive inconsistency who knows. That’s concerning because it basically means that Wilson is capable of only running one offense: His and not Hackett’s. Eventually Hackett will either be a good coach or bad coach but Wilson must adapt his play for Denver to contend.

They’re not going to beat many teams putting up 17,16 and now 11 points and even though they’ll all say the right things, " A win is a win is win"…" Any W is a good W"…blah blah blah…. everyone watching should be concerned right now. But hey…we’re 2-1 so drink for happy and not despair. Cheers.

As always feel free to drag my Italian lineage through the muck or basically just disparage my prediction DNA in some way.

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