Lets Give Paton Some Credit

I know it's early, but I would like to highlite some things, first off it looks like Paton hit it out of the ballpark with FA signings this year. All of our free agent signings are showing up.

Lets start with Gregory - I know many including myslef were hoping for Von to return, and there obviously are questions regarding Gregory and injuries. But so far he has been a force making impact plays. His current PFF grade is 88, which is outstanding. He has worked well in combo with Chubb. If he can continue at this pace and stay healthy, he will be a true force and pro-bowl player this year.

D.J. Jones - Is another guy that quitely has been proving his worth. He's helped solidify the D-line and looks like a guy who is maybe not showing up on the stat sheet as much but is helping make the group function better as a whole. Another solid signing.

K'Waun Williams - Had another outstanding perfromance last night, I truly think our 3CBs in Darby, Surtain and Williams are arguably the best combo of corners in the league.

Alex Singleton - He got critizied for the first half perfromance in Seattle filling in for Jewell, but he has been able to provide solid coverage while playing and he has shown up on ST, especialy last night. He looks to be a great addition as a depth at LB and bringing a attitude and playmaking ability on coverage units.

Josey Jewell - I admit, I wasn't as hot as other bringing him back, but last night proved what he can do when healthy. He is really showing up as a leader and a force on running plays, the fact we held the best running offense to under 100 yards last night has no small part to the fact Jewell was back. I am glad to be worng.

Kareem Jackson - This may of been our best free agent signing. Jackson is showing up with Simmons injured, his leadership and smarts are helping maintain a high level of play from the secondary.

Eric Tommilson - This guy is another reason why the running game has been productive this year. He is a beast when blocking.

Billy Turner - I would say incomplete, but assuming he can come back healthy, this should be a huge upgrade for the oline.

Tom Compton - I would also say incomplete, I do expect if he can come back he should help with overall depth.

So reality is that of the free agent signings, only Josh Johnson J.R. Reed, and Calvin Anderson, seem to have been wastes (i expect when Compton comes back Anderson likely is waived). I would say if Compton can't come back then that was a wasted slot.

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