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Are the issues correctable for Broncos offense? | Week 3 film analysis

Sunday night was an ugly performance for the Broncos offense, but are the issues correctable? We jump into the film to find out!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In football you will often hear the saying, it’s never as good as you think, and it’s never as bad as you think. You usually use that as a way to remind yourself to wait until you watch the all-22 tape before making any emotional judgments after a game.

Well, after reviewing the all-22 this Denver Broncos offense was just as bad as you thought Sunday night. Let me make one thing extremely clear, winning in the NFL is incredibly difficult and this team is 2-1 and tied for 1st in the division which is a great thing. However, we have to address some major issues on offense.

After all, could you imagine with the way the Broncos defense is playing if they can in fact get this offense rolling how good this team can be?

Today we are breaking down 12 clips from the all-22 coaches tape, 7 good and 5 bad. I hope y’all enjoy!