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NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

The Broncos continue to rise, and a lower team surprisingly takes out a big AFC West rival.

Another week, another slate of massive upsets. The season has been filled with unpredictability, which has made for an amazing viewing experience.

And like the Pro Bowl, we’re seeing teams that are already dead and gone (except at least their deaths were quick, while the guaranteed worst game of the year was dragged through the dirt before mercifully being put down.

We are left with only two undefeated teams left while only one team has reached 0-3; and I’m sure Broncos fans everywhere are happy about who achieved that record. Also let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this version of Tom Brady stays, and we finally see the end of him terrorizing the league.

The Broncos move up another couple spots this week. While their offense looked anything but functioning (besides the 12 play, 80-yard drive that gave them their only touchdown of the game), this defense is proving to be ELITE. We may be witnessing the return of the 2015 defense that featured a suffocating defensive secondary paired with a relentless pass rush. Denver currently ranks 3rd in overall defense and 2nd in points allowed per game.

Mover of the Week: Jacksonville Jaguars (up six spots). The Jags pulled off the upset of the season so far after taking advantage of a Chargers team riddled with injuries, as is per usual at this time of the year.

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Eagles +2 Chiefs
3 Chiefs -1 Bucs
4 Packers +3 Eagles
5 Dolphins +4 Chargers
6 Ravens +2 Rams
7 Bucs -4 Packers
8 Rams -2 Ravens
9 Chargers -4 Dolphins
10 Broncos +2 Cardinals
11 49ers - 49ers
12 Cardinals -2 Broncos
13 Vikings - Vikings
14 Titans +1 Saints
15 Bengals +1 Titans
16 Saints -2 Bengals
17 Colts +2 Cowboys
18 Browns +2 Raiders
19 Cowboys -2 Colts
20 Raiders -2 Browns
21 Jags +6 Patriots
22 Patriots -1 Steelers
23 Steelers -1 Giants
24 Giants -1 Lions
25 Lions -1 Commanders
26 Commanders -1 Bears
27 Bears -1 Jags
28 Falcons +3 Jets
29 Jets -1 Seahawks
30 Panthers +2 Texans
31 Seahawks -2 Falcons
32 Texans -2 Panthers