Josh McDaniels Nickname Competition

Let's not beat around the bush, most of us hate Josh McDaniels. If you're a Broncos fan and don't hate Josh McDaniels you either weren't a fan of the Broncos during the 2009 and 2010 seasons or you're some kind of saint and don't have the capacity to hate.

For at least this season and most likely the next few seasons, the Broncos will play against this turd twice a year as he coaches the 53 collective turds known as the Raiders. So, without further ado, let the Josh McDaniels nickname competition begin!

The rules are simple. You get one nickname to post as a reply. The nickname with the most recs gets the win. There were hundreds of great nicknames thrown around Broncos Country during and after the sad reign of Josh McDaniels so dig deep and post a nickname you came up with in the past or come up with a new one. Good luck and Go Broncos!

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